Rain Forests significant producer of Nitrous Oxide



“ We project that Basin-wide, the effect of clearing for pasture in the future will be a small reduction in total N2O emissions if the extensive pastures of the Amazon continue to be managed in a way similar to current practices.”

This conclusion from a study in Brazil gives an indication of the extent of emissions from rainforests. 

N2O emissions from rainforests range from 1.7-4.3 kg N/ha

N2O emissions from recently cleared foest now in pasture 3.1-5.1 kg N/ha

N2O emissions from pasture over 6 years old 0.1-0.4kg N/ha (a big reduction because the soils dry out over the years after being in forest where they are very wet)

It is amazing that there is all this fuss over N2O from pasture in NZ and they ignore the bigger culprit. Rainforests cover 13% of the Earth so their production of N2O is huge.We don’t have rain forests here but we do have forests. Our forests are not as large a producer but they are a producer and their emissions are so far being ignored. It is a pity they don’t ignore agricultural N2O as well.


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