To Nick Smith from Jim M 13 July 2009

For God's sake wake up!
I see you continue to push the Climate Change barrow which means you are determined to see all New Zealanders taxed to hell and having to pay through the nose for everything on the basis of very very shonky evidence from liars like Al Gore, Ban ki Moon et al.

Warming trend or cooling trend?

The Kiwi Party
Press Release
14 January, 2010

“The headlines recently proclaimed the first decade of the 21st century to be the hottest ever,” said Kiwi Party Leader, Larry Baldock. "This is all supposedly consistent with global warming of course. As it turned out this headline was actually referring to NZ temperatures only and NIWA had to admit it was only hotter by a very small margin.

“What really matters in the global warming debate,” said Mr Baldock, “are the Global Average Temperatures (GAT). In England, around the time of the Copenhagen climate change summit, I saw a headline in the newspapers proclaiming, ‘2010 predicted to be the hottest ever.’ A rather rash prediction given that weather forecasters are never too good on their predictions, particularly in the UK where they were talking about a mild winter just prior to being hit by the coldest temperatures in 30 years!”

Neil Henderson- reservations about Global Research Alliance

I have severe reservations about the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Emissions that came out of Copenhagen. I believe it is a poisoned chalice. It is headed in totally the wrong direction.

The suggestion that something needs to be done about our livestock emissions is suggesting there is something wrong with them now. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our animals are as near to clean and green as it is possible to get. To change their emissions is to make them less green.

Those pushing the need to reduce livestock emissions are damaging our clean green image. It is remarkable how many urban people know human produced global warming is a myth, but in the next breath say we need to do something about those dirty cows and their methane. The Global Alliance as proposed is only going to reinforce this misunderstanding.

Pachauri: money laundering?

From EUReferendum

To discuss issues related to the UK's position in Europe and the world.

Posted by Richard Monday, 11 Jan, 2010:

Part One

A British government department, DEFRA, has paid taxpayers' money to a British University which in turn paid it to the British subsidiary of an Indian research organisation, which in turn seems to have paid it to a New Zealand university scientist so that he could work for an international organisation based in Geneva – the IPCC.

Welcome to the bizarre world of climate change politics, where nothing is what it seems and governments indulge in behaviour which, in other circumstances, would look very much like money laundering. But, bizarre though it might appear, this is only half the story. The reality is even more convoluted - the word "bizarre" doesn't even begin to describe it.

The tale emerges from our trail of the millions salted away by climate change "hero" Rajendra Pachauri, and the role of TERI Europe, his outpost of Empire in London.


To Nick Smith from Jim M 23 November 2009

So Nick a hacker has finally done the World a service by exposing the lies and subterfuge that lie behind the IPCC, Greenpeace, Al Gore et al's BS on climate change.
Take heed and do not proceed with the foolishness of the ETS! You will consign New Zealand's economy and the National party to the Dustbin of history if you do not think again.

To John Key from Jim M 19 December 2009

For me it beggars belief that an intelligent, well educated man such as you can believe that mankind is causing the Worlds climate to change.

From the Met Office's mistakes to Gordon Brown's wind farms, the cost of 'green' policies is growing.

From UK Telegraph..............Warmists' folly is becoming clear

By Christopher Booker 
Published: 7:28PM GMT 09 Jan 2010
 Impeccable was the timing of that announcement that directors of the Met Office were last year given pay rises of up to 33 per cent, putting its £200,000-a-year chief executive into a higher pay bracket than the Prime Minister. As Britain shivered through Arctic cold and its heaviest snowfalls for decades, our global-warming-obsessed Government machine was caught out in all directions.


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