To Nick Smith from Jim M 13 July 2009

For God's sake wake up!
I see you continue to push the Climate Change barrow which means you are determined to see all New Zealanders taxed to hell and having to pay through the nose for everything on the basis of very very shonky evidence from liars like Al Gore, Ban ki Moon et al.
I am convinced that you and National will suffer at the ballot box if you continue with this garbage!
Jim M



26 July 2009

I recommend that you look at what Dr Ron Smith of Waikato University has to say on the current cooling we are seeing around the Globe.
He is a Smith that is talking sense as opposed to the BS you are continuing to foist onto the New Zealand public in respect of Climate Change.
What a bunch of experts we have backing the Greenpeace "Sign On" project! Kiesha Castle Hughes et al. It's enough to make a thinking person's hair curl.
Wake up Nick! The NZ public will screw the National Party if you get this wrong which is patently what will happen if you follow Saint Al Gore along his BS track!
Jim M

3 August 2009 to Nick Smith and John Key

Gentlemen could you now explain to me how the heavier density gas makes its way into the upper atmosphere to cause the greenhouse effect you are claiming it does please?
Looks like lead ballon stuff to me!!
Jim M