To Nick Smith from Jim M 7 July 2009

You seem to be an intelligent man. I cannot therefore understand you being taken in by the ARROGANT ARRANT NONSENSE being spread by the Cilmate Change believers. Why do I say arrogant. Because it is absolutely arrogant for us puny humans to believe that we can alter the climate. Either by causing Global temperature to increase or conversely that we can overcome the power of the SUN and other natural forces by taxin our citizens or trading in carbon credits. 
There are now a large number of papers and books, produced by eminent scientists, which show in no uncertain detail that the idea of anthropogenic climate change is a MYTH and yet you politicians continue to blunder ahead with plans to completely bugger our economy, tax us all within an inch of our bank accounts with a plan which will not affect climate change one iota.
Wake up Nick take a look at the crazies and those who are looking to profit largely at our expense. Al Gore for one. What a piece of dishonest work he is.
Think also about the aspirations of the UN in setting up a World Government.
Don't be taken in!! See the Climate Change Myth for what it is stop any further activity on setting up the Emissions Tax Scam. It will kill the National Party politically for years if you proceed!!