To John Key from Jim M 19 December 2009

For me it beggars belief that an intelligent, well educated man such as you can believe that mankind is causing the Worlds climate to change.
Further it is truly laughable that you and your fellow World Leaders can decide to limit the temperature increase to 2 Deg C. What will they do if old King Sol decides to increase it by 4 degrees? Or conversely what will they do when they realise that the temperature is already, since 10 years, decreasing? Will they fly into a new panic and ask us to produce more CO2?
King Canute had nothing on you guys! Interesting to see Britian's modern day Prince Canute proclaiming his usual bunch of BS at the Copenhagen Conderence!
Why don't you listen to Lord Monkton and realise that the whole business is a bunch of political trickery aimed at moving our, yours and my wealth from North to South. Wake up to the UN's lies and deceit and save us all a whole lot of money.