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The second shoe has dropped! Climategate 2

NZ Climate Science Coalition- media release- 24 November 2011

The release of over 5,000 emails sent by IPCC scientists provides irrefutable evidence that their goals were political, rather than scientific” said Hon Barry Brill, chairman of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition.

 “The IPCC cannot function credibly unless there is a clean sweep of these conspirators, before the 2014 report comes out” said Mr Brill.

“At the COP17 conference in Durban, next week, the BASIC countries will decline to reduce emissions until the 2014 IPCC report is published” said Mr Brill. “This makes it particularly important that the new report actually deals with objective science and is above suspicion.”

 “An initial batch of emails (Climategate 1) was released in 2009 on the eve of the COP15 Copenhagen conference, and was widely regarded as undermining IPCC theories regarding dangerous man-made global warming.


Reaping Bitter Green Dividends

Reaping Bitter Green Dividends


A print-ready copy of this issue of "Carbon Sense" can be downloaded from:


24 October 2011


The battle for Carbon Sense will go on. We have no option but to fight until the Carbon Tax bills are repealed and the dead weight of the massive Climate Change Bureaucracy is removed from our backs. We hope you can support us in this fight. Please pass this on.


The carbon policies of the Australian government will destroy regional industry.


Most regional industry relies on adding value to the products of primary industries – smelters, refineries, processing plants, cement plants, sawmills, flour mills, abattoirs and rail and port infrastructure. These facilities require cheap reliable electricity, which will never be supplied by green energy toys.

NZ paying price for going it alone on ETS

NZ Climate Science Coalition media release, 15 September 2011

“New Zealand’s carbon market is paying the price for relying on the world’s sole national  emissions trading scheme (ETS),” said Hon Barry Brill, chairman of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition. “All of the world’s sub-prime carbon credits are flooding in, and the value of carbon dioxide has already slumped to $13 per tonne.


ETS: Just Scrap It – ACT

ACT New Zealand Parliamentary Leader John Boscawen today called on the Government to drop the pretence and scrap the Emissions Trading Scheme altogether after the ETS Review Panel report recommended delaying the introduction of the energy, transport, industrial and agricultural sectors into the scheme.


No doubt you've seen 'Investigate's' response to the 'Listener' article on James Hansen's visit... and 'rising sea levels'.  
The Listener is the magazine that, on its front cover in September 2007,  stated:   'YOUR NEXT VEHICLE - SERIOUSLY' - with  a picture of a rickshaw.     This covered an article by Dennis Welch and Matt Nippert saying:  'The global oil crisis will hit home in just five years.  How will NZ cope?'.    Welch and Nippert should know better.  But for the 'Listener' to swallow this sort of stuff and then sensationalize it hits the rock bottom of responsible journalism.  Just as its beat up about rising sea levels does.  
Those of us who live by the sea (in our case 20 metres 'by') are very conscious of seal levels.   In the 20 years we've  been here the sea level has not risen by any measurable amount.    

Celebrity carbon ad spreads more lies

Cate Blanchett's ad about the proposed carbon tax is misleading, argues Andrew Bolt. Source: Herald Sun

IF THE science on global warming is so good, why are we told such lies?

That is the true disgrace of those behind the ad that features Cate Blanchett telling us to "say yes" to the Gillard Government's carbon dioxide tax.

It's not that it stars a multi-millionaire actor blithely instructing the little people to pay a tax that she wouldn't even feel herself.

It's not that it stars a hypocrite telling us to cut our emissions while she herself jets off to Cannes, New York and LA, and helps to flog luxury Audi cars.

No, it's the lies that should shame Blanchett and the ad's other star, Michael Caton, of Packed to the Rafters, who are not responsible for them, but speak the lines put in their mouths.

Rachel recycles climate con

Richard Treadgold | June 2, 2011

The Taranaki Daily News two days ago published a polemic notable more for its rancour than its precision regarding climatic facts.

It’s a good example of one-eyed thinking, skewed views and perfectly furious ad hominem attacks — all teeth and talons and only the hissing missing.

Written by the doubtless-locally-renowned scribe Rachel Stewart, it strikes some of the sourest notes I’ve come across in the climate debate since finding Hot Topic. But her thunderous venom simply accents her foolhardy logic. She wears a filthy expression in the accompanying photo. Did someone steal her favourite cuddly toy? It would certainly explain the spleen.

Prof Kelly shows the middle way

Richard Treadgold | June 5, 2011

Principled sceptical stance

Green Smog Envelops ETS

Press release from Act deputy leader Hon John Boscawen

In a joint press release today, New Zealand’s and Australia’s Greens are now trumpeting the seemingly imminent imposition of a carbon tax in Australia and the superiority of such a tax over New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme, notes ACT New Zealand Parliamentary Leader John Boscawen.

This, in advance of Australian Green Senator Bob Brown’s visit to New Zealand to speak to the Greens’ annual conference this weekend.

“As it happens, ACT agrees that if one is to have either, on the untenable premise that CO2 is a pollutant, then a low, transparent tax would be preferable to the ETS. It at least makes the ‘polluter’ (read: anyone engaged in productive activity) pay,” says Mr Boscawen.

“Where the NZ Greens display typical confusion is in repeating the claim that the ETS subsidises ‘polluters.’

Scientific Untruths - In A Nutshell

Did you know that reports by the UN's climate body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC are the basis of the Rudd-Gillard and Greens climate policies?

  • 4,000 scientists did not claim human production of CO2 caused global warming. Only 5 IPCC reviewers endorsed its core claim - and there's doubt they were even scientists;
  • For its 1995 report, UN IPCC scientists advised five times there was no evidence of humans causing warming. Yet IPCC politicians' reported to national governments and media: "The balance of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on global climate";
  • UN IPCC data on the air's carbon dioxide (CO2) levels show carbon dioxide is a consequence of temperature, not a cause. This is true for every period in Earth's history and over every duration;
  • The 2007 report's sole chapter claiming warming and attributing it to humans contains no specific scientifically measured real-world evidence (AR4, chapter 9) for its claim. It relies on computer models programmed to predict warming. Yet cooling has occurred;
  • The UN IPCC chairman repeatedly publicly claims the IPCC uses 100% scientifically peer-reviewed literature. Yet its 2007 report cites and relies on 5,587 references not peer-reviewed - including hikers' stories, newspaper articles and political activists' campaign material;
  • UN IPCC figures reveal scientific peer-review is corrupted, often bypassed and even prevented. In the real world these reports would be rejected. In business, the writers would be prosecuted;
  • UN IPCC guidelines force scientists to change their report to be consistent with the political Summary for Policy Makers released months earlier;
  • The UN IPCC does no scientific research and is not accountable to any national governments.


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