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‘Spanish Green Economy Experience,’

   Reflective  Summary of ‘Spanish Green Economy Experience,’  Dec10, 2013

These are some of my thoughts gleaned from our walk/ride/drive on our 35 day ‘Camino Way Francis Walk/passage’ across over 800kms of Spain from St-Jean Pied-de-port in the Pyrennes in France to Santiago de Compostela.

As I walked across Northern Spain I became increasingly aware of the social, environmental & economic impact of the UN/EEC driven ‘green-based policies & practices’ that are a dominating presence to me across this whole region.

In my view, in the Spanish government’s goal was/is to change a perceived dependence by humans on burning fossil-fuels. They falsely believe CO2 has a greenhouse/global warming/climate change effect. It is clear that an immense amount of money must have been borrowed for this purpose on projects. As CO2 is an essential ingredient in plant growth & the evidence of any man-caused influence is miniscule, I think there has been a gross misuse of the European money! The country must be indebted needlessly to Germany & other countries for generations to come.  A recent media report said the country is over a trillion Euros in debt with little chance of repayment of the loan-money. Recently the Spanish Treasurer was jailed when he was found to have 58 million euros in his Swiss bank account, so you can imagine the type of person in charge of the country’s finances. What are some of the policies and consequential damage to the environment, industry, economy & mostly wonderful people of this beautiful country that disturbed me most?

IPCC’s fifth Assessment Report is Happy Reading

by Robin Grieve- Pastural Farming Climate Research

The television news painted a grim picture when it announced the findings of the IPCC’ fifth assessment report. “Rising sea levels, more extinct species and possible food shortages are the grim prediction” intoned the news reader, her grim seriousness matched by the image of a sad looking polar bear behind her.  “And New Zealand is set to feel the heat too. The capital had its worst storm in 40 years, harsh drought hit the North Island summer and this winter was the warmest on record.”

The direness of our situation called for desperate action and I decided to take it. I decided to read the fifth assessment report for myself. With fourteen chapters all between one and two hundred pages, it was a desperate action.

This report is not written by hundreds of scientists, as they like to say it is. Hundreds of papers are submitted by scientists, which are then referred to in a sort of summary written by others. There are many scientific papers, a number of which are contradictory. Summaries throughout the fourteen chapters try to reach conclusions from the diversity of evidence and often end up contradicting conclusions made in other summaries.  The only consistency in the whole thing being that each summary tries to paint as dark a picture as it can.

The 4 types of certainty- by Doug Proctor


Extracted from a post at WUWT by Doug Proctor


The IPCC 95% type is Computational Certainty, that is, the outcome as proposed by models is consistent with input data and mathematical relationships between identified factors. McKibben’s certainty is based in Computational Certainty, as in “Do The Math”. It could also be labelled “Intellectual” Certainty, as it is based on the idea that nature is deterministic enough, and we are smart enough and knowledgeable enough to figure out what is going on in a usefully predictive way. The application of the argument by ignorance is applicable to this form of certainty: if we can’t think there is another way, then it must be the way we say. While naively reasonable, and a reflection of the arguments Sherlock Holmes was claimed to use in solving crimes, how it is used by the IPCC adherents is actually a perverse misuse of what Holmes did: Holmes used the concept to bring to the table non-current, usually non-obvious solutions, which would be then investigated closely. The IPCC cabal use it to dismiss the non-current and non-obvious).

Hurray for Martin Durkin!

       Ever since Martin Durkin got initially slain by Tony Jones in the ABCs orchestrated debunk of the 2007  BBC 4s  magnificent documentary,  “The Great Global Warming Swindle”,  Ian Plimer, who was the basis of Martins comments about volcanic activity  even though he did not appear on screen, has been on the back foot.

      In the light of subsequent evidence about the temperature changes of the last 10 years, both George Monbiot and Tony Jones now  have  a lot of explaining to do.    However,  today  Antony Watts, in his latest blog, Nov.16th,  has put the final nail in the coffin of that infamous  critique and so much more of the official scientific background to the  Catastrophic  Anthropogenic  Global  Warming  movement, the CAGW.    It may have been that  Plimer’s  basis for his belief in the importance of  volcanic output of CO2 was as much gut feeling about undocumented submarine volcanic activity  as it was about published science,  but  today he has been backed up by a peer reviewed paper in a high level scientific Journal.

From the 'Outside the Beltway' group

Two members of our team have put the following message together in the hope, perhaps forlorn, that the politicians, and people like Peter Gluckman, a marvellous paediatrician, but no analyst of matters climate or weather, and will take note of reality


“ OK.....

So it is Tuesday, and we  are grumpy, very grumpy..    Why?  

Because our Government is still talking nonsense on CC – even at CHOGM


Below is a link to  the full version of a serious message that should be noted by all.

And Tony Abbott will love it  - Christopher Monckton at his best. 


John Key, Bill English, Steven Joyce, and Tim Groser (et al) , not to mention all those pantywaists in MFAT, would do well to read and take note.  It is hopeless to attempt to persuade people like the idiot greens, who are more like a sack cloth and ashes cult than a sensible political organisation.  Even though they may not confess it, we are sure that they are aware of the truth.

Letter from Bryan Leyland to Ralph Sims in response to his article in the NZH

Read the article  (Thursday 14 November 2013) by Professor Sims here:


The response from Bryan Leyland:

Dear Ralph,

 I have read your article carefully and I am disturbed that an academic and an engineer could write something that is so misleading. You make many statements which are  unsupported and, in many cases, in direct conflict with the evidence.

 As you know, I am an engineer with 55 years experience specialising in renewable energy. Over the last few years, I have worked on a number of small hydro schemes – and I actually own one – and I have worked on tidal power, wind power and solar power projects. I am currently helping the Faroe Islands with wind power. I have also tried to run Rotoroa island – which is a nature reserve off Waiheke – from solar power. The economics simply did not stack up – and by a very large margin.. The best we could do was about 50% solar power and 50% diesel. On Motutapu island, where they have solar cells and diesels, the diesels run about twice as much as predicted.

 I have always been on the practical side of the business and therefore I actually believe that “engineers can do for five bob what any fool can do for a quid”. It seems to me that you are far from this commonsense objective.

 I comment below on a few of your most glaring errors.

Latest article from Melanie Phillips

shared by Sonya

It’s over – but its adherents will never admit it. Just as the exposure of the excesses of Stalinism drove many true believers into an ever more fanatical and deluded defence of Soviet communism, so the conclusive destruction of anthropogenic global warming theory is provoking ever more fantastical contortions by warmist zealots who, contrary to all reputable evidence, claim that the planet is about to turn into a furnace and (pace Bob Geldof )( ) it’s all over for the human race.

The recent release of the IPCC’s Final Draft Report of the Working Group I contribution to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis (  revealed, beyond any measure of doubt, the intellectual vacuity, sophistry, and outright corruption of the AGW industry. Presented as an authoritative statement of the current state of climate change evidence, it was nothing of the kind. Indeed, it wasn’t even any kind of statement of evidence. It was instead a politicised draft summary of evidence that was to be amended

God's sense of humour

By Sonya Jay Porter  September 2012

In Rio de Janeiro this summer, the city's 130 ft statue of 'Christ the Redeemer' was bathed in green light for the UN Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development, the latest international get-together to discuss Global Warming and Saving the Planet. But this UN publicity stunt, perhaps a childish message to show that the environmental religion was now replacing Christianity, backfired badly. Not only were many delegates, Christians and others, horrified but also God showed his displeasure or perhaps his sense of humour. For the three days of the Conference, the statue, on its mountain top, was concealed under thick fog, heavy clouds and pouring rain.

Greenland and AGW

S Jay Porter

If there remains anyone who still believes in man-made global warming, think of Greenland.
In 891 AD. Eric The Red set off from Iceland with a few followers to explore a land to the west which they had probably spotted some time before while sailing out in their longboats, and then returned three years later with about 500 fellow Vikings.  At first they settled on the south-east coast, close to the tip of this new land and then, as the population grew, created a further settlement to the south-west.   They called their new home ‘Greenland’.
It has been said that this name was a ‘spin’, a publicity stunt to entice more Vikings to come to join the new settlers, but this would have been  pointless if it had been impossible for them to survive.   They must at least have been able to create their own dwellings, build their own fires, make their own clothes and above all, grow their own food.  The settlers might have been able to trade such things as polar bear-skins and fox furs for iron and other necessities on occasional trips to Europe, but their compatriots in Denmark and Iceland would have been neither able nor willing to row their longboats out each month with groceries.

The Climate Pause- Dr Vincent Gray


21st SEPTEMBER  2013


The claim that increase of human-induced “greenhouse” gases in the atmosphere would cause “global warming” ran into serious trouble right from the start.

It happens that there is no current technology that is capable of measuring the average surface temperature of the earth. There is no way that temperature sensors could be situated randomly over the whole surface of the earth, including the 71% that is ocean and 10% that is desert, and measure it all instantaneously for sufficient time to find if it is rising.

It is not even possible to measure the temperature reliably in one place. James Hansen of the Goddard Institute of Space Studies, who has made a reputation for promoting “global warming”, has an item on his website as follows:

“GISS Surface Temperature Analysis


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