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Two members of our team have put the following message together in the hope, perhaps forlorn, that the politicians, and people like Peter Gluckman, a marvellous paediatrician, but no analyst of matters climate or weather, and will take note of reality


“ OK.....

So it is Tuesday, and we  are grumpy, very grumpy..    Why?  

Because our Government is still talking nonsense on CC – even at CHOGM


Below is a link to  the full version of a serious message that should be noted by all.

And Tony Abbott will love it  - Christopher Monckton at his best. 


John Key, Bill English, Steven Joyce, and Tim Groser (et al) , not to mention all those pantywaists in MFAT, would do well to read and take note.  It is hopeless to attempt to persuade people like the idiot greens, who are more like a sack cloth and ashes cult than a sensible political organisation.  Even though they may not confess it, we are sure that they are aware of the truth.


But for our Government, there is no excuse.   


While Japan, Canada and Australia, to mention just three nations, have given the middle finger salute to  the greens’ "wussell red melon" Norman, and silly Kennedy Graham (You know, the brother that should be on home detention!), and the Bat-S crazy Moon cult in New York, we (that is our Government) in Wellington, and elsewhere (at international meetings) pussy foot around.   We ignore the truth of the CC scam  because we want to be seen to be “seen” to be supportive of the cult mentality at the UN, and are therefore  "good international puss-footers".


JK et al have been moving NZ in the right CC direction.  But they need to be more assertive, and  they need to strike down the lies perpetuated by the greens, the IPCC and labour.


The public may initially be gullible.  But after a while they recognise  and reject the DAGW/CC scam that supports an bloated bureaucracy.   Bill English could probably achieve his bureaucrat reduction targets if he fired all the CC troughers

Tony Abbott had the courage to scrap (well, it will take a few more weeks)  Gillard’s carbon tax, and the courage to tell Moon et al to get stuffed on his plan to pass off world income redistribution as environmentalism.  We should do the same.


But, you might ask, what about our push a for a Security Council seat?  Frankly, most New Zealanders could not give a damn about a UN Security Council seat.    It will not make the slightest difference to New Zealand, except in the number of cocktail parties attended by our UN diplomatic staffers     Trade is more important to New Zealanders who know how chilly the economic winds can be when special trade arrangements are pushed to one side (UK-NZ re EEC), than Security Council nonsense that is really decided by China, France, the UK, USA, and Russia.


New Zealanders want lower taxes, a reduced deficit, more, and more effective, education and health care, economic growth, with attendant wage and employment increases, massive RMA revision, and housing / local infrastructure policies like those proposed this week by one time Labour Cabinet Minister Michael Bassett, and Oliver Hartwich of The New Zealand Initiative.  


They win elections.  Security Council and CC rubbish is a yawn.


The following is an extract from Monckton’s 11 page pdf paper (see below for link) which deals with mitigation costs, and the adverse effects  of them upon millions (NZ’ers included), before proceeding to demolish Bada’s other assertions.

(Joanne Nova records:   Professor Bada is a Prof of Marine Chemistry at Scripps who publishes on the origins of life and the evolution of Biospheres.)


“ Dear Professor Bada,

You reply to my earlier email as follows (with some ad-hominem instances of the ignoratio elenchi fallacy removed):

“OK so you accept global warming but say from an economic standpoint we would destroy our societies by trying to mend our ways. What about all the other creatures on the Earth? Do they have any say in your economic based claims we should to do nothing? What about ocean acidification from increasing CO2 and its effects on photosynthetic organisms?”

Let me deal with your three points seriatim.

First, mitigation economics. You may like to look at the attached reviewed paper that was published earlier this year in the Proceedings of the World Federation of Scientists.

The analysis is in line with the reviewed literature in concluding that attempted mitigation today would be 1-2 orders of magnitude costlier than adaptation the day after tomorrow. The calculation, which is simple and survived unchallenged after 90 minutes of vigorous debate at last year’s Federation meeting on planetary emergencies, at which I presented the paper, takes no account of the opportunity losses from diverting what is now $1 billion a day worldwide from where it could do some good to where it can do no good at all. Already there are more deaths among people who cannot afford to heat their homes because mad global-warming mitigation policies have doubled and tripled their electricity prices than among people damaged by global warming (which has not occurred for 17 years in any event). My calculations, for the first time, combined ....... “  


It is worth reading the full paper......


FC, DS, and The Team


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