Hurray for Martin Durkin!

       Ever since Martin Durkin got initially slain by Tony Jones in the ABCs orchestrated debunk of the 2007  BBC 4s  magnificent documentary,  “The Great Global Warming Swindle”,  Ian Plimer, who was the basis of Martins comments about volcanic activity  even though he did not appear on screen, has been on the back foot.

      In the light of subsequent evidence about the temperature changes of the last 10 years, both George Monbiot and Tony Jones now  have  a lot of explaining to do.    However,  today  Antony Watts, in his latest blog, Nov.16th,  has put the final nail in the coffin of that infamous  critique and so much more of the official scientific background to the  Catastrophic  Anthropogenic  Global  Warming  movement, the CAGW.    It may have been that  Plimer’s  basis for his belief in the importance of  volcanic output of CO2 was as much gut feeling about undocumented submarine volcanic activity  as it was about published science,  but  today he has been backed up by a peer reviewed paper in a high level scientific Journal.

      Volcanic output of CO2 is now seen to be equal to the calculated Anthropogenic output of  6 billion tonnes a  year.   That now means that Martin Durkin has been vindicated  in every aspect of his trail blazing  ‘first off the rank’  critique  of the whole Global Warming  Movement.       Jasper Kirkbys  ‘CLOUD’  experiments   at the Large Hadron Collider,  the  validation of  Proffs  Svensmark and  Shaviv,  on their theories  of  the sunspot cycle and cosmic rays are now powerful  evidence for the rightness of Journalist Martin Durkins assessment of evidence back in 2007.    The pressure placed upon Prof. Carl Wunsch  to back down on his comments in the documentary  about  sea level rises and ocean temperature changes  did make him panic  at the time,  and encourage the ABCs attack,  but subsequent history  has also vindicated him in every way, and journalist George Monbiot  now has some curly questions to answer himself.     However,  I am believing that  Martin Durkin, along with all those older scientists  who  provided him with  good scientific  evidence will very soon have their day in the sun,  and it will not be a good day for the IPCC!

   Ken Calvert.  18-11-2013.