Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics!

          Maybe its  co-incidence,  but in the same  session at my computer I picked up two bits of information.  A/.  Greenpeace and Frogblog, the Greenie Blogsheet,  have  produced a frightening  conjecture that if the Anadarko oil rig,  now placed off the Taranaki coast,  had an accident  It could  spread oil damage right up  the west coast of the North Island  all the way up to Cape  Reinga  and then right across  the Pacific..

                        B/.  also had a story about Irv Gordon  a retired school teacher in the USA   who has driven 3,000,000 passenger safe miles  in one car, a 1966 Volvo.

     Now,  normally  when we compare the safety of  travel,  by comparing accidents per passenger seat mile,  the worst is motor cycles, then cars  and aeroplanes  come out a long way ahead on safe travel, even though every major airline  crash kills a hundred or more at one go.   However,  does it stop us motoring to know that by the latest available  N.Z. annual statistics  there were close to 10,000 automotive crashes and 259 people died?   No,  because  most of us consider ourselves bulletproof behind the wheel.   We calculate our own safety factors and drive on regardless, whatever some frightened person may bleat about the possibilities.

The Consensus Fractures, and it’s now all about Money and Power.

The Global Warming Scare started when some rich western elites in their deep green bunkers saw it as a way of curbing what they saw as the wasteful and unsustainable life-style of western consumer society (that is, those other people). If they managed this “crisis” properly, they could make great strides in their long-held goals of controlling national and local governments, destroying private property and introducing an unelected elite with access to a world system of taxation and redistribution.

But, voters, consumers and scientists are destroying this green dream:

The Flat Earth Society

   Of all the ‘Ad Hominem’ attacks of the  AGW fraternity  against us  so called Climate ‘Deniers’,  the most annoying is the charge  that  we don’t know science!  That we are all

Conspiracy  theorists,   pro smoking,  pro bigoil , pro ‘nobody landed on the moon’ flat earthers.   As far as the  ‘Big oil’ bit goes, it all depends on who is doing the talking.   And like most Multinational organisations ,  “Big Oil”  likes to keep a foot in both camps.

But what really gets me  however  is the flat earth  accusation.   My immediate reaction once again is, ”Why should the pot call the kettle black”?  Actually, frying pan would be a better term than pot, because it seems to me that in the light of recent  SunSpot cycles and Cloud experiments, the Global Warming, Climate change, Extreme weather, Ocean warming, Water shortage fraternity  are going to get tipped out of their last refuge into something a lot hotter than  an approaching ice age.

Hug a cow to stay warm.

  Lots of folks are worried about how coal mining and fracking  can leak natural gas or methane into our atmosphere and its catastrophic effect on global warming.  Methane is  a potent  greenhouse gas  20-23 times more potent than Carbon dioxide or CO2. .

 According to these authors from Washington State University, Ruminant livestock can produce 250-500 litres of methane per day.     It would seem to me that  despite the efforts of many to “keep the coal in the hole” to minimize on our emissions of carbon dioxide,  that they should look to the big picture, change their tune and start  looking at our burgeoning dairy industry.

    Little old New Zealand milks close to 5 million cows,  plus a beef cattle industry of 1.5 million. So, taking a conservative estimate of say 300 litres/day, we are looking at  6.500,000 x 300 = 1,950,000,000 litres of methane or natural gas being emitted to our atmosphere every day, equivalent in Greenhouse warming to 22 times the volume of CO2  making 42,900,000,000 litres of CO2 equivalents/day.

Carbon Sense: The Ocean Thermometer exposes Climate Alarm Lies

The Ocean Thermometer

Another Issue of "Carbon Sense” by Viv Forbes & Helpers. Please pass on. We rely on supporters to spread the word.
The Carbon Sense Coalition
10 December 2013


A print friendly pdf of this newsletter can be found at:

The Ocean Thermometer reveals
Global Warming Lies

The UN IPCC and others with a vested interest in the global warming scare have not bothered to check what sea level evidence says about global temperature changes.

Sea levels are very sensitive to temperature changes, and the oceanic indicators are currently reading “steady”.

So are all other thermometers.

Apart from bubbles of heat surrounding big cities, the thermometers and satellites of the world have not shown a warming trend for 17 years. This is in spite of some inspired fiddling with the records by those whose jobs, research grants and reputations depend on their ability to generate alarming forecasts of destructive global warming.

To explain this absence of warming on Earth’s surface, the warmists now claim that “the missing heat is hiding in the deep oceans”.


‘Spanish Green Economy Experience,’

   Reflective  Summary of ‘Spanish Green Economy Experience,’  Dec10, 2013

These are some of my thoughts gleaned from our walk/ride/drive on our 35 day ‘Camino Way Francis Walk/passage’ across over 800kms of Spain from St-Jean Pied-de-port in the Pyrennes in France to Santiago de Compostela.

As I walked across Northern Spain I became increasingly aware of the social, environmental & economic impact of the UN/EEC driven ‘green-based policies & practices’ that are a dominating presence to me across this whole region.

In my view, in the Spanish government’s goal was/is to change a perceived dependence by humans on burning fossil-fuels. They falsely believe CO2 has a greenhouse/global warming/climate change effect. It is clear that an immense amount of money must have been borrowed for this purpose on projects. As CO2 is an essential ingredient in plant growth & the evidence of any man-caused influence is miniscule, I think there has been a gross misuse of the European money! The country must be indebted needlessly to Germany & other countries for generations to come.  A recent media report said the country is over a trillion Euros in debt with little chance of repayment of the loan-money. Recently the Spanish Treasurer was jailed when he was found to have 58 million euros in his Swiss bank account, so you can imagine the type of person in charge of the country’s finances. What are some of the policies and consequential damage to the environment, industry, economy & mostly wonderful people of this beautiful country that disturbed me most?

Climate Realists Newsletter number 13 2013

Newsletter number 13 2013


Gisborne Herald refuses Climate Sceptics any more space to express their views

Warsaw Climate Talks

Very interesting reflections from Pointman

Bryan Leyland answers Prof Ralph Sims

Our children are being brainwashed

Matt Ridley's piece on NZCPR

More on IPCC AR5

Climate Matters

'Taxing Air' by Bob Carter

IPCC’s fifth Assessment Report is Happy Reading

by Robin Grieve- Pastural Farming Climate Research

The television news painted a grim picture when it announced the findings of the IPCC’ fifth assessment report. “Rising sea levels, more extinct species and possible food shortages are the grim prediction” intoned the news reader, her grim seriousness matched by the image of a sad looking polar bear behind her.  “And New Zealand is set to feel the heat too. The capital had its worst storm in 40 years, harsh drought hit the North Island summer and this winter was the warmest on record.”

The direness of our situation called for desperate action and I decided to take it. I decided to read the fifth assessment report for myself. With fourteen chapters all between one and two hundred pages, it was a desperate action.

This report is not written by hundreds of scientists, as they like to say it is. Hundreds of papers are submitted by scientists, which are then referred to in a sort of summary written by others. There are many scientific papers, a number of which are contradictory. Summaries throughout the fourteen chapters try to reach conclusions from the diversity of evidence and often end up contradicting conclusions made in other summaries.  The only consistency in the whole thing being that each summary tries to paint as dark a picture as it can.

The 4 types of certainty- by Doug Proctor


Extracted from a post at WUWT by Doug Proctor


The IPCC 95% type is Computational Certainty, that is, the outcome as proposed by models is consistent with input data and mathematical relationships between identified factors. McKibben’s certainty is based in Computational Certainty, as in “Do The Math”. It could also be labelled “Intellectual” Certainty, as it is based on the idea that nature is deterministic enough, and we are smart enough and knowledgeable enough to figure out what is going on in a usefully predictive way. The application of the argument by ignorance is applicable to this form of certainty: if we can’t think there is another way, then it must be the way we say. While naively reasonable, and a reflection of the arguments Sherlock Holmes was claimed to use in solving crimes, how it is used by the IPCC adherents is actually a perverse misuse of what Holmes did: Holmes used the concept to bring to the table non-current, usually non-obvious solutions, which would be then investigated closely. The IPCC cabal use it to dismiss the non-current and non-obvious).


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