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NZ must defer ETS as Australia has just done-NZCSC

New Zealand Climate Science Coalition

27 April 2010                Media statement for immediate release

By Hon Barry Brill

The reported decision by the Rudd Government to shelve Australia’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme legislation until 2013 at the earliest is final confirmation that Prime Minister John Key will be justified in deferring implementation of New Zealand’s emissions trading scheme (ETS) due to start on 1 July. This statement today by Hon Barry Brill, a former Minister of Science in an earlier National Government, and now chairman of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition.

“The Sydney Morning Herald reports today that it has learnt the Rudd Government has decided to put the scheme on ice to undercut the Liberal-National Coalition’s ‘great big new tax’ scare campaign, particularly after the failure of the Copenhagen climate conference and uncertainty over the fate of the US emissions trading scheme. Labour will insist it still believes an ETS is the best way to reduce emissions but will cite domestic and international pressures as making it impossible to introduce in the short term. The scheme had been due to begin with a carbon tax next year, moving to full trading in 2012,” said Mr Brill.

Why the ETS Must be Delayed

by Dr Doug Edmeades

The ETS comes into effect in July this year. Initially it will only include energy (electricity, petrol and diesel) but by 2015 it will include ruminant animals because they produce methane.
It is difficult to get accurate estimates of the cost of the ETS. The initial costs, starting just with a tax on energy, are a few thousand dollars per farm, but when animals come into the ETS in 2105 the costs are estimated to start at about $5,000 annually increasing to about $10,000 for the average sheep & beef farm. The costs for the average dairy farm are likely to be double these. Given the current financial situation on many farms the ETS has the potential to ruin pastoral farming in New Zealand, especially the sheep & beef sector. And for what gain?

Has the Farmers' Party now become the Foresters' Party?

by Ken Shock

There is something I never see discussed, and that is mono-culture. New Zealand's principal timber source, and the plantings this government is now subsidizing - is Radiata Pine. This tree has been selectively bred, and perhaps genetically engineered in New Zealand, derived from the Monterrey Pine native to the California Coast.
Some years ago, when it still existed, I was an investor in Fletcher Forests. In their reports to shareholders they described the mass production of these pines, being planted all over New Zealand. The trees are cloned and are therefore not just a mono-culture, but they are BIO-IDENTICAL !!  This is a recipe for disaster, you get the right pest coming to these shores and the whole lot could be wiped out in a few years.

The words of John Key 10 May 2005!!!

Hansard Volume 625 p20394

Climate Change Response Amendment Bill

JOHN KEY (National—Helensville)  : I rise on behalf of the National
Party to give the good news to the people of New Zealand—that is, the
Climate Change Response Amendment Bill is a load of rubbish and the
National Party will not be supporting it, for very, very good reasons

I want to start off with a broad-ranging discussion, if I may, around
the Kyoto Protocol and the absolutely nonsensical road that this
Government is taking New Zealand down. I know we have a Prime Minister
who is very confident, and all the rest of it, but maybe she would
like to step out of her office on the 9th floor and realise which
planet she is on. She is on the same planet, she may be surprised to
learn, as India, China—

Hon Ken Shirley: And Mugabe.

Media release by the Major Electricity Users’ Group (MEUG)

Review of ETS timing is needed  

“The announcement yesterday by the Australian Government of a significant delay to an ETS in Australia is a game-changing event that will impact every NZ householder and business” said Ralph Matthes, Executive Director of the Major Electricity Users’ Group (MEUG).

“To continue implementing the NZ ETS as if nothing has happened is simply putting ones head in the sand.  Government needs to assess the situation now and not wait to review the situation next year.

“MEUG notes as a result of the Australian decision, NZ households and businesses will from 1st July this year be paying approximately $240m per annum more for their electricity because of the NZ ETS than Australian households and businesses.

Stop Misleading The Public, Dr Smith

John Boscawen MP, ACT New Zealand
Friday, April 30 2010.

ACT New Zealand Climate Change Spokesman John Boscawen today demanded Climate Change Issues Minister Dr Nick Smith stop his misleading, contradictory and inconsistent justifications for the New Zealand ETS and be honest to New Zealanders about the financial burden he insists on imposing on the country.

It is impossible to have any confidence in Dr Smith as Minister - he's in denial about the futility of the ETS; scrambling to justify a scheme that, while making no difference to the world climate, will come at a huge cost to our economy," Mr Boscawen said.

"Minister Smith has regularly played politics and made misleading statements.  For example:  Nick Smith said the ETS isn't a tax because foresters receive credits.  Fact: for practical purposes the ETS is a tax on our economy, subsidies to foresters notwithstanding.

Dr Smith Confuses EU With New Zealand On ETS

John Boscawen MP, ACT New Zealand
Werdnesday, April 28 2010.

Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith’s claim that 29 individual countries have implemented an ETS is flawed at best – Dr Smith is confusing an ETS across an entire trading bloc with one that affects an individual country, ACT New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) Spokesman John Boscawen said today.

“The European Union ETS increases costs across an entire bloc of countries – putting them all at an equal disadvantage.  New Zealand, however, will be disadvantaged by having an ETS when none of our major trading partners have similar schemes,” Mr Boscawen said.

“Another important difference is that the European ETS excludes petrol – and when France tried to include petrol with a carbon tax earlier this year, Present Sarkozy abandoned the move after suffering huge losses at regional elections.

“It must also be remembered that the EU ETS has been structured in such a way that there have been massive exemptions and allowances so it doesn’t apply to large parts of the European economy.

“Sunset looms for Global Warming Industry.”


The Carbon Sense Coalition today called for Sunset Clauses to be inserted in all past and future Global Warming legislation.
The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that even though the Ration-N-Tax Scheme is on ice, Governments are still wasting billions of dollars to create an artificial global warming industry.
“As an example, the Australian government is spending $800 million per year on climate change research and probably more on carbon geo-sequestration. And every state has its own bloated climate change and energy bureaucracies.
“Next we are promised the “Mother of all Renewable Energy Schemes” to cost untold billions.

Speaker Confirms ETS Repeal Process

John Boscawen MP, ACT New Zealand
Thursday, April 29 2010.

Speaker Lockwood Smith today confirmed that the House could use exactly the same procedure that it used to pass the tax rises on tobacco - extraordinary urgency - to amend the Government’s ETS and delay its introduction, ACT Climate Change Spokesman John Boscawen said today.

"In response to my oral question, Minister for Climate Change Issues Nick Smith refused to acknowledge the simple process to disentangle New Zealand from a costly Emissions Trading Scheme," Mr Boscawen said.

Suspend the ETS until 2013, just like the Aussies

Federated Farmers Media Release  27 April 2010

Federated Farmers is urging the National-led Government to match the Australian Government’s decision to defer its Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) until at least 2013.
"Our ETS is based on alignment with our trading partners and frankly, that’s not a happening thing," says Lachlan McKenzie, Federated Farmers spokesperson.
“Unlike Australia for the foreseeable future, on 1 July every New Zealander, from a new born infant right up to their great grand parents, will be caught by an ETS dragnet.  It’ll impact every good or service we buy, from electricity through to seeing a dentist.
“I don’t think many people are aware that the ETS will hit them hard in the pocket. 


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