Copenhagen: A climate of manipulation

By Piers Akerman      Sunday Telegraph December 13  2009

National leaders will this week launch the greatest slush fund the world has ever seen- and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will be adding your money to the pile.

Some naive folk, who probably still don't understand that governments do not, in fact, make money of their own but merely take what has been earned by others and redistribute it to causes they think will win them the most votes, may believe that the wealth redistribution will actually lower the temperature of the planet.

There is no evidence, scientific or otherwise, that this will happen. The only certainty is that billions will be ripped off by bankers and other middle men before the remainder arrives in the Third World to be looted by a line-up of dictators and tyrants.


Climategate Update: Science Hasn’t Failed, Government Has

By Patrick Cox
December 14, 2009
Marco Island, Florida, U.S.A.

Brave New Green World

by Merv Bendle

Quadrant Magazine

December 14, 2009

As the Copenhagen conference unfolds it is possible to detect the outlines of the grim future dystopia that will emerge if the stealthy and remorseless proponents of global eco-fascism are allowed to remake our world in their image. Consequently, the opportunity exists for an artistic and literary critique of the Brave New Green World these fanatics wish to impose on us all.


Scam of the Century

by Bob Carter


December 14, 2009

The bell tolls for the IPCC

[This is an expanded version of a brief essay published by The Drum]

It is a fine day, and God is obviously in his heaven.

I am standing on the helicopter deck of the famous science-drilling ship JOIDES Resolution. The snow-capped mountains of South Island, New Zealand, glisten gently along the far western horizon. A majestic rolling, royal blue swell strokes the sides of the ship. Its origins lie deep in the Southern Ocean, and its crests are ruffled into a maze of small waves, ripples and white patches of gently breaking foam by today’s northeasterly breeze.


Senator to demand probe of global-warming 'fraud'

 'They cooked the science to make this thing look as if it was settled'

By Bob Unruh  WorldNetDaily

24 November 2009

The Senate's leading global-warming skeptic says he plans to demand an investigation into the allegedly fraudulent data manipulation unveiled at a highly influential British research center, and another prominent analyst says he's heard enough and there should be prosecutions.


More on Climategate

Sent: Monday, December 07, 2009 9:54 PM
The Obama administration might think Climategate is a nonevent, but
on Monday, Pennsylvania State University announced it was launching
an investigation into the academic conduct of Michael Mann, director
of the school's Earth System Science Center. Yesterday, it was
announced that Phil Jones, director of the Climatic Research Unit
(CRU) at the University of East Anglia, would step aside while his
university conducts an investigation. With so much fraud being
exposed in the academic community that studies and promotes
global-warming theories, an example has to be made of someone.


Cap and Trade melts in Australia

Heat of Intellectual Climate Change Responsible

by Tom Minchin


"If you don't understand [the ETS], you shouldn't vote for it. If you do understand it, you'd never vote for it."

"The [climate change] argument is absolute crap."

—Tony Abbott, new leader of the Australian Liberal Party


The Australian Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), Australia's version of "cap and trade," has been rejected by the Australian Senate for a second time. This time, the public opposition to the bill was more intense and better informed; a government pushing such a bill again will risk losing office.

In a perfect stroke of timing, the defeat comes ahead of the attempt to trap the US into agreeing to a massive transfer of wealth and sovereignty to the UN at Copenhagen next week. Australia was supposed to commit an act of economic suicide to set an example.


Climate scientist at center of e-mail controversy to step down

Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, December 1, 2009; 3:45 PM


A scientist who is one of the central figures in the controversy over hacked e-mails from the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit announced Tuesday that he is stepping down while the university investigates the incident.

Climate skeptics have seized on several e-mails from Phil Jones, director of the university's Climatic Research Unit, to other researchers as evidence that prominent scientists have sought to silence their voice in the debate over global warming. The e-mails were pirated and posted online last month.


Scientists Behaving Badly

A corrupt cabal of global warming alarmists are exposed by a massive document leak.
by Steven F. Hayward

Slowly and mostly unnoticed by the major news media, the air has been going out of the global warming balloon. Global temperatures stopped rising a few years ago, much to the dismay of the climate campaigners. The U.N.'s upcoming Copenhagen conference--which was supposed to yield a binding greenhouse gas emissions reduction treaty as a successor to the failed Kyoto Protocol--collapsed weeks in advance and remains on life support pending Obama's magical intervention. Cap and trade legislation is stalled on Capitol Hill. Recent opinion polls from Gallup, Pew, Rasmussen, ABC/Washington Post, and other pollsters all find a dramatic decline in public belief in human-caused global warming. The climate campaigners continue to insist this is because they have a "communications" problem, but after Al Gore's Nobel Prize/Academy Award double play, millions of dollars in paid advertising, and the relentless doom-mongering from the media echo chamber and the political class, this excuse is preposterous. And now the climate campaign is having its Emperor's New Clothes moment.


The Dog Ate Global Warming

by Patrick J. Michaels

This article appeared on National Review (Online) on September 23, 2009.

Interpreting climate data can be hard enough. What if some key data have been fiddled?

Imagine if there were no reliable records of global surface temperature. Raucous policy debates such as cap-and-trade would have no scientific basis, Al Gore would at this point be little more than a historical footnote, and President Obama would not be spending this U.N. session talking up a (likely unattainable) international climate deal in Copenhagen in December.

Steel yourself for the new reality, because the data needed to verify the gloom-and-doom warming forecasts have disappeared.



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