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The Real Reason Behind Climate Change and Global Warming/The problem with our Physics
Einstein once wrote that one of the most important unsolved problems in physics centered around Earth's magnetic field. I sincerely believe I have came up with a theory that not only solves all contradictions in physics but also Earth's magnetic field.
My name is Jamal S. Shrair, I am a physicist and researcher currently living  in Budapest, Hungary. I have been working for the last decade on physics  theory, which gives an explanation for what I believe to be the real reason  behind global climate-change as well as global weather and geological  phenomena. I have compiled my research and hypotheses in a book, which I  published on the 19 of April 2013 on Amazon.
The book provides a good theory for why earth reverses its magnetic field,  what is the source of heat at the earth’s core and a rational explanation for the observable
climate-change and geological phenomena which we are  experiencing.

In the first part of the book I explain the physics background  and the reason why our current understanding of climate-change focuses on the  “human influence”. I then explain to the reader how the sun is actually  travelling through our galaxy on a helical path, which periodically crosses  the galactic plane (above and below). Over thousands of years the strength of  the sun’s magnetic field increases as it moves above the galactic plane  because the plasma region is denser. This in turn means an increased number  of high energy cosmic particles in the magnetosphere and of course intense  solar radiation. One such helical cycle takes the sun thousands of years to  complete. As the sun approaches the highest plasma density above the galactic  plane - which is also the highest possible point in the galaxy - the solar  maximums and minimums begin to take on strange behaviour.
Today there is much research to show how the magnetic fields of the Earth and Sun are linked,  therefore when solar radiation increases or behaves erratically, so does the  radiation on both the surface of the earth and inside. This variable behaviour of the sun influences the weaker magnetic field of the earth, which  is experiencing a rapid shift in polarity at the present time. Compared to recent history, this polarity change has sped up considerably in the 20th century. Currently the magnetic poles are moving faster than at any other time in human history, changing position at almost 40 miles per year! This suggests that we are approaching the end of a polar chron!
The rapid movement of the inner core which only recently has been recognized is the reason behind the “stirring” of molten magma in the earth. This influences the earth’s crust, causing earthquakes, volcanic activity to increase and the release of methane and carbon dioxide greenhouse gases. It is a scientific fact that oceans contain a huge amount of CO2, and when heat escapes from inside the earth and combines with solar radiation from above, they induce heat on the surface and at the inner layers of our planet. That causes the release of vast amounts of methane and carbon dioxide greenhouse gases. Therefore, the main reason for climate change is not “man-made” CO2. No doubt the picture becomes increasingly clear when you follow this logic. 
There is an abundance of reputable research in the book to support each point and almost daily news of unusually global weather phenomena, beside an amazing increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions – often in geographic locations which are not known for these occurrences. At the same time this is a very sensitive topic, especially since there are so many environmental groups who believe that pollution, global warming and climate-change are all the result of “man-made” CO2.
Please also see on the website my publications in low temperature nuclear fusion.
Thank you for your time, 
Sincerely yours 
Jamal S. Shrair


Review of 'Helical Universe:'

Helical Universe

We are experiencing natural events on earth that have magnitudes and numbers never before recorded in human history; earthquakes, volcanic activity hurricanes, flooding, tsunamis and more. Would you like to know why this is happening, how we can prepare for the changes and if there is anything we can do about it?


Do not expect Helical Universe to explain the theories which have gained popularity in mass-media. Jamal S. Shrair has a clear vision based on science, facts and an abundance of observational data, which anyone can verify for their own satisfaction. By letting go of convention and concentrating only on what can be proven to be true, Helical Universe may be one of the most important new theories in modern science. Within just two months of its release, Helical Universe has gained much attention among global scientists and frontrunners in plasma physics, climate change and global warming.


Whether simple or complex, Helical Universe gives us new answers to questions about our planet, solar system and universe as a whole. It shows us how seemingly unrelated events are actually linked and interdependent and we gain an understanding of why earth occasionally flips its magnetic poles, what is the source of heat at the Earth’s core and how it is related to our changing climate. What is the reason behind the abundance of geological and weather phenomena and most importantly - what we can expect in the future.


Starting with a general physics background and explanation of why our current understanding of climate-change focuses on the “human influence”, Helical Universe combines physics with observational and experimental data from reputable universities, research institutions, NASA and more, to lay out a new explanation for earth’s changing climate and how it is linked to stellar movement, solar behaviour and our path through the universe. Above all, we learn what holds all of this together and what unifies our cosmos.


As you read the book, the picture becomes increasingly clear and the logic behind our universe begins to make more sense. With each page the theory unravels and provides another piece in the ultimate puzzle - our great universe. Join the revolution and enlighten yourself! The ultimate goal of Helical Universe is to educate people and to ensure that the efforts of humanity are not wasted, but focused in the right direction for development and progress.



About The Author

With his background in theoretical and experimental physics, beside being an electrical engineer, Jamal S. Shriar is no stranger to the theories of natural science. On a daily basis he faces the daunting puzzles of nature and the questions about our existence which have plagued great thinkers for millennia.

In his book Helical Universe he assembles his life’s work into a comprehensive “decoder” for physics mysteries, shedding light on instabilities in the solid foundation of astrophysics and cosmology. As our knowledge of the universe grows, with it grow the unavoidable errors and mistakes in our thinking. There have always been red flags and whistleblowers but rarely has someone put the pieces together and undeniably declare a full stop!


Shrair believes that the universe is not complicated and the answers we seek about our cosmos are not increasingly complex and difficult to obtain. His book Helical Universe explores where the foundations of physics are weak and unstable then provides us with logical answers which still adhere to every scientific requirement. Continuously backed by observational and research data, the book will no doubt shake your convictions about the Standard Solar Model and the Standard Model of particle physics.

Helical Universe does not create a new dogma; it untangles the mess of existing theories to guide us on the shortest path between beliefs and reality.

Nimrod Major





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