Stephanie Clague's Reflections

 “No Global Warming for 17+ Years!” Some Reflections on using Fossil Fuels, April, 2013

Just a few reflections on Demonising ‘Fossil-fuels’ & the ‘global warming’ (AGW = Anthropogenic Global Warming) narrative. ‘Climate change’, ‘climate disruption’, now ‘extreme weather’ (caused by man) is a  blatant scam perpetrated by a very powerful cabal of New World Order politicians, banker/business interests, certain academics & main-stream media over the past 30+ years.

This entrenched view is held & promoted by all Green Parties, Green Peace, WWF, 350, the BBC, the Guardian, etc.AL GORE, Bill Clinton, JAMES HANSEN, Michael Mann, Phil Jones, Bill Nye, Lord Nicholas Stern, Peter Gleick, John Kerry, John Broder, Piers Morgan, Barbara Streisand, Lucy Lawless, Helen Clark, Pete Hodgson, COPS (Conference of parties), IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), most universities, et al. These people & organizations all subscribe to the ‘NEW GREEN RELIGION’ world view declaring that human produced CO2 is a pollutant & is the major cause of greenhouse gases resulting in global warming. They focus on ‘Planet rescuing fantasies’.  ‘Humans are a plague on the Earth’ e.g. quote David Attenburgh in main media item, 2013.

UN (United Nations) Agenda 21 is fundamental to this political/protect mother earth (Gaia) (an Eastern religious belief/practice) (save the planet) against all human influence at all costs or really at your expense through taxation & global political control of all humans. The Doha conference goal was to get western countries to pay $60 billion to poor countries to help them fight global warming & $120 billion a year by 2020. The next conference deadline for UN action is in 2015! Note NZ’s Min of Environment openly states on its web-site that its policies are in line with the aims of Agenda 21.

If you want a contrary world view, reflect on Stephanie’s Clague’s view below. Also check out Lord Christopher, Mark Steyn, Tom Nelson, Marc Marano, David Bellamy, Anthony Watts, Christopher Booker, Bob Carter, John McLean, Richard Courtney, Dr Tim Ball, Dr Freeman Dyson, Stanley Mishin, Dr Willie Soon, Dr Bilge Troll, Dr Vincent Gray, Matt Ridley, Dr Myneni, Dr Stanley Goldberg, Richard Treadgold, Geoff Duffy, Ian Wishart, Amy Brooke, Leighton Smith plus Climate Depot, Climate Realists, Climate Skeptic, Denial Depot, Junk Science, Climate Conservation Grp, New Zeal, NZ Climate Science Coalition, Heartland Institute, Carbon Sense, No Tricks Zone, C3 & Australian Climate (top local blog). Alex (US) (13) debunks global warming hoax.

There is clear scientific evidence of NO GLOBAL WARMING for 17+ YEARS; rather a global cooling period starting soon...witness extended Northern Hemisphere severe weather experienced over a wide region...Alaska, Canada, USA, UK: most of Europe has extremely cold conditions with lots of snow and serious disruption of traffic & industry burning of forests to produce heat to survive. Contrary to main media there has been a constant build-up of glaciers in the Himalayas & polar ice caps have huge build up of snow & sea ice over recent years. The ice cover is at near record levels.

The secret report from the Doha Conference acknowledges or reveals that the sun is the critical driver of the world’s climate & not CO2. This is not surprising due to reliance on IPCC computer climate models that are hopelessly flawed. The models simply can’t accurately simulate the reality of observed climate conditions & therefore are incapable of producing credible predictions & forecasts also due to the lack of understanding that scientists about the climate system & deliberately the normal rigorous examination & replication of tests required if one is using the Scientific Method. Evidence is strong that we are facing a global cooling period from 2017, probably lasting 30+ years. Global warming has been hugely beneficial to humanity, global cooling very detrimental! It is worth checking out the reliable climate history of the Earth over thousands of years! Note that there has been a litany of lies told by the warmists to the media based on claiming that every weather event now has been caused by AGW (anthropogenic global warming) that is, man-caused using fossil fuels & all the Western world countries are the main contributors (ignoring India & China) & must be punished & reduced to basically living in caves at Third World living standards & because the 3rd world countries deserve to be rewarded at our expense! The scientists and their supporters having been relying heavily on predictions from computers’ global warming models & have deliberately manipulated the data to fulfil their biased personal agendas and will not permit anyone’s critical analysis of their findings & predictions. The warmists are determined to punish the Western countries for burning fossil fuels. They do their best to scare people especially children who are constantly indoctrinated about human’s harm to the environment being made to feel guilty & accept the propaganda about how they must stop using stuff unless it is ‘sustainable/renewable & talking about carbon footprints, massive level rise in ocean levels (eg up to 75 mtrs), acidic oceans, green-house gases, disappearing islands, loss of polar bears, dying coral reefs, black carbon (CO2?), hockey-stick warming trends that are blatant lies, tipping points, & countless other forms of ‘eco-vandalism’. Fortunately (Apr) the great warmest retreat appears to have this space!

The United Nations ‘Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’ has predicted the global temps will rise by 3+ Celsius degrees by 2050 (some say 4.5degC) if by then the CO2 levels double. In fact predictions of doom have proved to be nothing more than madness...Earth is not going to heat up as they have projected. Norwegian researcher Da Bilge Troll, for example, confirms this reality, 2013.

Many people are now locked into a carbon trading scheme and either made or lost a lot of money. Carbon credits in the Emissions Trading Scheme were valued initially at $29 a carbon ton in NZ & are now worth under $2.00. This is typical world-wide. This scheme has no credibility at either a national or international level. NZ has delayed its Kyoto commitments until 2015 but what of the future?

Our NZ Universities are given large grants of money to pursue the totally useless, wasteful or absolutely biased research to stop global warming & stop our cities being flooded by rising sea levels. The truth is that the world’s ocean levels are not likely to rise more than about 5 inches (7-10cms) over the next century according to a peer-reviewed paper by sea-level expert (40yrs study) Dr Nils-Axel Morner. He concludes there is no reason to fear or prepare for any disastrous se-level flooding in the near future. I will be making sure our Dunedin Councillors know this finding & advice!

In brief, the truth is as stated by Dr Francis T.Mann that: “Modern coal-fired power plants produce electricity, water vapour and CO2; plant food not pollution. The US has enough coal, oil & gas shale to support its self for a 1,000 years. The AGW (anthropogenic global warming) piece is not scientific, & is based entirely on political party lines.”

Stephanie Clague, a graduate of University of Warwick, Scientific Copy-editor @ Spandidos Pubs, & Writer & Ed at Medicine Weekly has shared her views on linkd. Stephanie observes that what “Francis Manns says is common sense & only needs a basic grasp of physics, chemistry, botany & biology to understand the concepts he describes BUT why is the media so silent on these facts? They seem only too happy to drone on about “carbon footprints”, AGW and all the attendant rubbish! I despair that the echo-taliban have been able to silence the debate thus far. I have faith that scientists and common sense will win in the end BUT how much more damage will the eco lobby & self-serving governments do in the meantime? May I quote a simple line from her?

                                                     CO2=GOOD      MORE CO2=MORE GOOD

Stephanie Clague also writes of her frustration in trying to communicate with the AGW devotees who she sees as a confused bunch who hate the energy they rely on & yet would never live without the comforts fossil fuels bring to our lives. Yes they would demonise air-travellers while using air-travel, use a car while calling for everyone to be priced out of car-ownership, turn up the gas central heating even if they are calling for fracking to be banned. They hand themselves a form of moral immunity from their own demands, it must be a strange place inside their minds. Every aspect of their daily lives from the second they were conceived, let alone born, has been cushioned & protected & helped by burning fossil fuels, there is simply nothing that has touched lives more than fossil fuels. Fossil fuels have kept them warm & fed & healthy & safe from the first cell division & will continue to do so until they die.

In fact fossil fuels should be worshipped for the incredible wonders they have provided for humanity over an incredibly short time frame, a bare two centuries ago most people lived the same hard , short lives that their ancestors endured for the previous hundred generations. And then fossil fuels & the Industrial Revolution arrived & we built the modern world overnight almost, hospitals & schools & houses, & clean water & fresh food & warmth & light & cleanliness & when we get sick we go to places of wonderful healing; and it is all due to the wonders of fossil fuels. The anti-fossil fuel protesters in London, standing in bleak conditions don’t know what it is like to eat rotten food or go hungry as a matter of course or risk illness with every bite of un-refrigerated & often putrid food or a time when the only safe liquid to drink without the risk of dying a terrible death was beer or ale, a time when not so most people were always cold & always hungry & always afraid of getting sick.

All this luxury we take so much for granted from a warm clean bed & warm clothes & shoes washed every week to the bath or shower that not so long ago most people simply never enjoyed at all. We live the life of the gods themselves today when you compare the lives our recent ancestors lived, our every basic want is fulfilled almost, the poorest amongst us enjoy far more than the poor of underdeveloped countries & it’s all due to fossil-fuels & the use of these wonderful gifts! You can wake up in the morning & clean your teeth with clean safe water using implements that would not be there for you but for fossil-fuels & their derivatives. Take away everything that you use every day that has fossil fuels at its roots & you would end up with what our ancestors had; nothing!

I apologise to your sensitivities for possibly going beyond the bounds of decency & due deference but I would give those utter fools the mother of all slaps to wake them up to the huge benefits of using fossil fuels for all humanity. What good will come to the world if they drive us back to the conditions of the Dark Ages?”

‘Cutting CO2 may be the most idiotic thing the human race has ever done; and we have done some very silly things in the past!’ This declaration came from Curly’s Corner. He was a CO2 scientist in Australia for 20 years of intense study, while he was ‘On the Global Warming Gravy Train.’ (His term) He reported finding no evidence at all that CO2 contributed to a greenhouse/global warming effect. His best advice given today is to leave the climate alone & it will be similar to that today.

Dr Patrick Moore, founded Greenpeace to oppose nuclear weapons but is no long a critic, says burning fossil fuels has been one of the greatest liberators of history. He also supports the peaceful use of nuclear energy. He expresses much anger that his organisation has lost its original goals.

President Obama in his inauguration speech signalled his intention to deal with climate change on a local & global basis. He is pushing a carbon tax perceived on the fear that CO2 is causing dangerous global warming. Last year his people were at the UN’s climate meeting in Doha pretending that Hurricane Sandy was caused by human increments to CO2 as UN insiders assured the public that the next IPCC report, 2013 will ‘scare the wits out of everyone’ with its ramped up predictions of human caused global warming to come (based on computer models) but this is not where the evidence points, not if climate change is in any way a substantial measure driven by the sun which has now gone quiet (for 17 yrs) & is expecting what influence is now in a cooling direction!

You will rarely get any information published or reported in any of the Western World’s media, now controlled by this UN cabal, that reports in either a balanced fashion on any of the global warming/cooling debate & they consistently rush to print the most radical, false & unverified claims made by the by anyone representing the ‘warmest crowd’. The worst offenders have been Time Magazine, BBC, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CNN & Al Gore’s TV station that he has just sold to El Jazeera for a $100 million dollars profit. (The sale was for $500 million). Hypocrite Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth movie has at least 35 identifiable lies e.g. glaciers & polar bears gone, islands going, etc Even Pravda is able or free to publish the truth about these matters...what a turnaround! Actual polar bear counted numbers have increased from 5,000 to 25,000 over 30 yrs!

There is a vast amount of money being spent on the global warming gravy train. The wind farms seen all over the world are a colossal waste of our taxes, kill many birds & bats & harm people & environments. A global battle is on to control water & vast amounts are wasted on largely useless desalination plants, etc Electric cars & bio-fueled cars are costly, wasteful, inefficient & ineffective.

On December 29, 2012 Richard Treadgold, in NZ wrote an item,

’I’m a tree---why not feed me?  An open letter to environmentalists from a Tree

Dear Greenies,

You love trees-you’re even called tree huggers. Yet I’m a tree, and you don’t love me. You won’t even feed me!

One of my indispensible foods is carbon dioxide. But you’ve demonised it by fabricating the story that it’s the most important “greenhouse” gas. You pretend that one of the world’s rarest gasses, mere 0.00039 of the atmosphere, will overheat the climate. You never mention that water vapour, up to 4% of the atmosphere, will overheat the atmosphere (10,000 times more plentiful than CO2), is also the most powerful gas of all, with each molecule having 26 times more warming effect than carbon dioxide.

To support your corrupt fib about CO2, you’ve started referring to this tasteless, odourless, invisible, non-toxic, life-giving plant food as a pollutant. So you try to restrict my diet.


Whatever CO2 I consume can’t affect the climate! The more CO2 in the air, the more growing me and my family can do, and the better off you are. Use your brain!

An important reason for your increased agriculture productivity since 1950 is the increasing amount of CO2 in the air.

I’ve been around for over a thousand years, since the Middle Ages. The sturdy bodies of many brethren from that time still survive in the cathedrals, great houses and other constructions of Europe, but I have survived unfelled, in living form, with green leaves and flowing sap, and I tell you that I like carbon dioxide. I’ll take all you can give me, and, in a magical reciprocity, I’ll give you in return the other gas of life---oxygen.

I can’t live without carbon dioxide: you can’t live without oxygen. We’re made for each other, my friend! Please dispense for us all the beneficial carbon dioxide you possibly can.

Yours in hope

A Tree.    P.S : When you burn something, thanks a lot for the carbon dioxide---but keep trying to remove the any actual pollutants! A.T.      What CO2 Achieves

Numerous studies reported at CO2 Science show benefits of greater growth in the biosphere from increasing levels of CO2. Some show that higher temperatures also improve productivity. The more productive plant life becomes, the more benefits accrue to the animals feeding on it. One study shows annual growth increases in wild fires from 1920 to the 1980s of up to 43%- probably from rising levels of CO2. Our NZ economy depends heavily on there being plenty of CO2 for our flora!

This commentary on Regional trends in terrestrial carbon exchange and their seasonal signatures (Guerney & Eckels, 2011) describes something you’ll never hear on NZ television:

As ever more anthropogenic CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere and the air’s CO2 concentration rises ever higher, so too does the photosynthetic prowess of Earth’s terrestrial vegetation grow ever stronger, as the great global greening of the Earth gains ever more momentum and sucks ever more CO2 out of the air and incorporates it into the living biomass and soil organic matter, thereby muting the rate of global warming that would otherwise prevail in the absence of this important negative feedback phenomenon. (Satellite images have shown a major ‘Greening’ effect of our planet).

Another Perspective to ponder: Irena Sendler died May 12, 2008, aged 98 years, Warsaw Poland.

During WW11, Irena got permission to work in the Warsaw ghetto, as a Plumbing/Sewer specialist. She had an ulterior motive. Irena smuggled Jewish infants out in the toolbox she carried. She also carried a burlap sack in the back of her truck, for large kids. Irena kept a dog in the back that she trained to bark when the Nazi soldiers let her in & out of the ghetto. The soldiers, of course, wanted nothing to do with the dog & the barking covered the kids & infant’s noises.

During her time of doing this, she managed to smuggle out some 2,500 kids/infants. Ultimately she was caught, however, & the Nazi’s broke both her legs & her arms & beat her severely. Irena kept a record of the names of all the children. She smuggled out in a glass jar that she buried under a tree in her backyard.

After the war, she tried to locate any parents that may have survived & tried to reunite the families. Most had been gassed. Those kids she helped got placed into family homes or adopted. In 2007 Irena was up for the Nobel Peace Prize. She was not selected! AL GORE won, for a slide-show on GLOBAL WARMING! This movie has been discredited as scientifically flawed but is still shown in classrooms across the world (NZ) as to be taken seriously. Al Gore is now the wealthiest ‘Greenie’ in the world.

New paper published in Biogeosciences finds that the increase in C02 levels since 1850 has greatly enhanced plant fertilization & that a doubling of CO2 levels would be predicted to increase productivity by 40-60%. This finding contrasts with a certain Reverend protester in Washington DC at the ‘Climate Hoax Rally” recently claimed that producing CO2 will result in the end of man (sorry) human-kind! Yet Freeman Dyson, successor to Einstein, says CO2 is good for vegetation!

The IPCC-Al Gore based AGW scare has driven Government Climate & Energy Policies since the turn of the century. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been wasted on uneconomic renewable energy & CO2 energy emissions control schemes based on the notions that it is necessary & possible to control global temperatures by reducing CO2 emissions. Donna Laframboise in her book ‘The Delinquent Teenager who was mistaken for the World’s top Climate Expert’ (IPCC Expose) reports that the UNIPCC employed this person to write the report that is known as the Climate Bible. Cited by Govts around the world, the report is the reason carbon taxes are being introduced, heating bills are rising & costly new regs are being introduced. It’s why everyone thinks carbon dioxide emissions are dangerous. This teenager was reputed to be a slapdash slovenly teenager; not a top scientist!

 New US Green President said: “but for the sake of our children & our future, we must do more to combat climate change.’ Climate Depot’s Reaction: Our children do not need politicians in Washington posturing & pretending they can control global temps & make storms less severe or frequent. NZ Climatotologist Dr Tim Ball says: ‘Future generations will curse why we allowed a few political bullies to undermine development & progress with the false claim that human CO2 is causing climate change. Future generations will wonder how people could write such misinformed, hysterical, commentary.’ Australian Scientists are confused by no warming evidence.


Check for yourself Ian Wishart’s book Air Con, Ian Plimer’s book Heaven & Earth & my favourite read Amy Brooke’s100 Days claiming back NZ ‘–what has gone wrong & how we can control our politicians. Amy is a former secondary school teacher of English, long-time columnist, children’s book writer, researcher, poet & socio-political commentator of the highest calibre in my opinion.

Hot off the book ...finds 63% of global warming over the past 400 years was due to the sun’s influence. Authors predict a 0.64degreeC decrease over the next 100 years, not a 3-6+ degree Celsius increase predicted by IPCC by 2050 if we don’t stop global warming!  (Imagine main-line media reporting this finding.) NB Climate Depot is still the best, up to date site to regularly view.

I attended an Earth Day public meeting at the University of Otago along with about 100 ardent believers in the ‘global warming’ narrative currently called ‘EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS’. Prof Jonathon Boston of Victoria University was the key speaker backed by Dr Janet Stephenson director of the Otago Centre for Sustainablity, for Colin Campbell-Hunt Otago Climate Change spokesman, Alec Dawson of the Generation Zero. Prof Boston’s main message was that ‘science’ suggested the world was way behind where it needed to be if it wanted to avoid the severe impacts of ‘climate change.’ He claimed that we needed to have a 30% decrease in the use of fossil fuels to stay within the target of less than 2degC, a 6-8% per annum decrease requiring a massive effort on all fronts. ‘NZ had gone backwards over the past 4-5 years’. The failure of the ETS scheme was frustrating to him & ‘the govt doesn’t appear to care’. His main concerns were fear of placing at risk...the planet’s unique systems, glaciers retreating, Greenland retreating ice, a 3.2 mtr ocean rise by 2100, highest temps ever in Australia/USA, Hurricane Sandy, Asian floods, NZ drought, Nelson flood & London having no future. He expressed frustration that the media hadn’t realised that ‘all these problems were irreversible!’ (I wonder if this Professor has ever heard of universities using empirical science?)

Prof Boston claimed skeptics will save us, business will save us, unified political action will save us, global movements will save us, China’s green industry will save us (N.B. Except that the world’s giant solar panel has just failed owing $billions) &/or God will save us. He offered some theological reflections where he thought God has given us a lot of freedom to us & may intervene to prevent further ecological beyond some threshold point. Meantime he emphasised that imposing a carbon tax on everyone is essential & will mean there is plenty of money then to solve all the world’s ecological problems. He acknowledged to a member of the audience that we are heavily dependent on fossil-fuels & a transition period was necessary. He accepted the proposition from an academic researcher present that a rise of global temp of even 1.5 degC would result in the drowning of countless islands around the world. He spoke with an acid tone that skeptic Lord Monckton had approached Victoria Uni with an accusation of dishonesty. He said he was approached by a Dominion reporter about this issue. Prof tried to persuade him not to publish any report but he was advised by the reporter that as it was a ‘newsworthy public issue’ & despite his personal reluctance to cover the matter his editorial boss had forced him to publish the item.

When a number of those present complained that the media were not doing enough to get their green message across it was interesting to listen to a local lecturer to report gleefully that she had recently got one of her students to check on the balance in media between those promoting the prevailing climate change message & the sceptics. The student reported that the pro ‘climate change’ now ‘severe-weather’ lobby got a 97% coverage (bias) over a 3% coverage for the sceptics!

Dr Stephenson said we have to force the govt to take action now! (Talk about democracy!) There were movements within the International Energy sector, World Bank & Major insurance companies to take action! Prof Campbell said NZ should show leadership on climate Change.

When all speakers spoke as though not one of them had grasped the fact that there had been no measured global warming over the past 17-23 yrs. Prof Boston quoted Ban Ki Moon’s climate change support views, quoted Lord Stern the UK economist who claims a 4degC rise this century & James Hansen the ex NASA warmist who Prof Boston later reported that James Hansen had acknowledge a ‘10 year slow-down’ in the temp. Not one person present appeared able to grasp that no evidence of global warming against all their predictions over the past 20+ years means that there is no causal-link (correlation) between a rise in CO2 produced by man-kind (a theoretical green-house gas) & any change in the global temp in an upward direction. Al Gore wasn’t quoted.

My strong impression from this meeting was that their views held absolute truth & were not open to question or debate in any form whatsoever! My personal opinion is that Prof Jon Boston is so unscientific in his thinking (loaded with misleading graphs & blatantly false interpretations), so naive on critical matters then, so narrow in his world view & knowledge, so absolute, so unbalanced, so biased & uneducated on the major aspects of the global-warming debate that I as a tax-payer believe he should never again represent NZ in any international forum! Quite frankly I don’t trust him & the many university personnel who are in my opinion self-serving (a term he claimed about the skeptics) fellow-travellers on the tax-payer’s ‘gravy-train’ but responsible for the socialist/neo-Communist indoctrination of the children & youth of this country.  After listening to his open lecture I would never personally trust him on any matter of national or international policy or advice.

No one present, including the Prof Boston appeared to have the honesty to mention the world’s current problem-solution plans in the UN’s Agenda 21 (the ELEPHANT in the ROOM) that NZ is committed to implement!. Likewise its local agenda founded in 1990, the I.C.L.E.I. International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives for local govts “for sustainability” with its sweeping powers ‘to help communities to cope with destructive weather caused by climate change... the goals are to curtail people’s choices in terms of food, transportation, housing & even family-size...’shades of Communist China...and the effective loss of national sovereignty, was never mentioned! The Dunedin Council is a member but not the ChCh council after they woke up to its sinister nature.

Louise & I were among the 160 diners at the Savoy on 23rd April. We were met at the door by a newish group calling themselves ‘The Flat Earth Society’ which was entirely matched the character of their level of thinking! The meal was very good & the opportunity to share with other interested folk was stimulating. The meeting was chaired by Dr Jock Allison, former head of Invermay Ag Research Station, who belongs to the NZ Climate Science Coalition which has a constantly updated website. I also attended the open lecture at the University of Otago that evening, & was met by the Flat Earth Society members at the door. The rain probably put off a lot of potential attendees. However, the 60-70 of us present were treated to a most erudite presentation by Lord Monckton who was also able to give clear & informative answers to any questions raised by members of the audience. There were two ‘warmests’ present who kept asking the speaker; ‘But what if you’re wrong?’ without giving any rational backup to their question. Lord Monckton must have felt very frustrated but as usual he gave very reasonable answers in response.

I believe it is impossible for me to do justice to what Lord Monckton has shared with us in Dunedin, NZ, the USA, Australia, the UN IPCC conferences & Britain. Suffice to say that I have never encountered a better educated, knowledgeable, deep-thinker, scholarly, articulate, accurate, honest, balanced, credible, courageous debater, economical sound, politically savvy, logical, mathematically & statistically sophisticated, humble & consistent person in all my life. It is not surprising that not one of our NZ ‘global-warming/climate change’ professors was game to challenge him in a debate. I found the views reported by the ODT on 24th April of Prof Keith Hunter to be feeble & totally unconvincing! At least Sir Alan Mark, emeritus Prof of Botany Dept had the courage to come to the meeting & did try to push the rising ocean-level rising & acidification issues in a polite fashion. Sir Alan was of course completely out of his depth as far as current factual/knowledge on sea-level rises & research on acidification levels was concerned! Alan is leading a global-warming propaganda tour group around NZ universities he advised us at Prof Boston’s meeting.

In brief, Lord Monckton, gave an illuminating & coherent presentation to both Dunedin audiences. His key task was to analyse & present to us the reliability & trustworthiness of the Five UN IPCC Conference reports & the UN Agenda 21 to manage our future-wellbeing. Agenda 21 was established in Rio in 1992. A working party formulated this agenda as a means of achieving a World Govt by using the formula ‘SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’ as a devious means to that end. The Greens influence was dominating with their ‘western-hating’ & ‘human-hating’ bias a controlling influence. Some of the most recent developments contained in the Doha Report to be released in Sept is as follows is to: 1) Put nature above man, 2) Build world govt.(EEC model) 3) Nationalise all land/abolish all property rights. 4) Ration energy & all transportation. 5) Ban commercial farming to stop methane emissions. (which are negligible!) 6) Pen humans in settlement zones. 7) Call families & religions as ‘unsustainable’. 8) Cut world’s population from seven to one billion, etc

Over the past 30 years there has been a lot of shoddy work & misleading presentation of material released to govts & the media. The group decided to claim that man was responsible for ‘global warming because he was producing CO2 as a critically dangerous green-house gas. East Anglia University was one of the worst offenders as found in their trail of leaked emails where e.g. bogus graphs were developed by Jones & Mann to ‘hide the medieval warming period’! (There have been 3 warm periods since 1860.  What they created was the totally false ‘hockey-stick’ graph used by Al Gore & others. Claims of 97% consensus among scientists has been maintained by them for years. Bristlecone tree rings were used against even the IPCC advice to produce misleading or tampered-with graphs, but using computer models & false formulas for making fictional graphs they have given exaggerated predictions on most aspects of climate change. (What genuine empirical scientists would say is climate scientists should be reliable in telling about past climate conditions but unreliable about making future predictions...& this has been wholly proven to be right). Every one of the IPCC conferences has got their predictions of man-produced global-warming wrong.

The threat of major rises in sea-level caused by man has employed scare-tactics & some of the most outrageous of claims! Dr Nils-Axel Morner advises us that there has been no sea-level rise e.g. in the Maldives for 1250 years. The UN panel predicted there would be 50 million climate refugees by 2010 due to the islands disappearing; with 12 million to be sent to NZ. We have yet to see one refugee. What isn’t publicised is that with the coral islands grow upward with any lowering of the sea-level! There are three reliable measures of sea-level & the Grace satellite e.g. is very accurate. Shoddy misrepresentation of this data by unscrupulous operators has been found.

There has been much less methane gas found then media reports and termites have been found to produce a much larger bio-mass than farm-animals. The Al Gore movie presented totally false story about the loss of polar-bears due to mankind’s burning of fossil-fuels! There has been record falls of snow across the northern hemisphere this past winter & a 2 inch rainfall increase has been within a normal range. There has been a record low rate of hurricanes & tornadoes across USA.

The cost-effectiveness of humans trying to mitigate against possible ‘global-warming’ was explained as follows: 1) As there has been no global warming for around 20 years and genuine empirical science predicts no significant rise in the global temp over the next 100 years then every dollar spent on mitigation is a total waste & needs to be spent on genuine human world needs.

2) In terms of ‘risk-management,’ if we pretend that a 3 degC warming by 2100 as is the ‘reported consensus claim’, mitigation costs would be 1.5% of this century GDP. The CO2 tax might abate at 5% of e.g. Australia’s emissions (or just 0.006% of global emissions) over 10 years, cutting CO2 concentration from 410 to 409.998 ppmv & reducing warming of 1/20,000degC at a cost of $162 billion. Therefore, mitigating 10 years predicted global warming of 1/6degC by worldwide CO2, taxes would cost $540 trillion or $77,000 a head, or 80% of global GBD, 50 times the official 1.5% of GBD. This means that the proposed mitigation scheme is 50 times more expensive than just adapting to it!

Claims of record polar ice melting are constantly being misreported both by politicised scientists & uninformed, biased media. At present there is record sea-ice at both poles though there has been some temporary loss at the North Pole more than compensated by the huge increase in the south.

3) Meantime economies collapse as money is wasted on bio-fuels, wind farms, solar panels, etc and millions needlessly starve to death.

I have a DVD of Lord Monckton’s Auckland presentation which I am happy to share with others. If you have access to a computer then I would encourage you to spend some time reading the Lord Monckton Foundation website found at ‘Lord’. Lord Monckton is an expert reviewer on the UN IPCC Reports. You can read his review of the latest document to be presented in September this year. There are lots of items to savour but I found his address at The Roy Morgan Research Centre, Melbourne, March, 2012, entitled LOVE, LIFE and LAUGHTER, the Triumph of the mind over the hive mind to be an outstanding summary of his world-views on our once civilised world. I believe every politician & educated person in NZ would benefit from reading this speech.

Lord Monckton starts as follows:

Today, with a fearful and unanimously acquiescent docility, the hive mind tediously hums the Party Line, now rebranded “consensus”. Imagination, initiative, inquiry, inspiration, intuition and invention are not merely discouraged but hated. Individuality in any form is not merely loathed but punished.’

I think Lord Monckton’s narrative is superb in every detail and I would endorse every word he has chosen to use! His debating knowledge and skills are convincing. I loved hearing all his arguments but especially the line:

They say: Monckton is not a scientist, so he is not credible,’ This is the argumentum ad hominem, a shoddy sub-species of ignoratio elenchi, the fallacy of introducing red herrings by attacking the man and not his argument, so demonstrating fundamental ignorance of how true argument should be conducted.’

I will not attempt to share more here of his speech but I would plead for you to take my advice about reading his Melbourne speech for yourself.

I must say here how much I appreciate the hard work done by the NZ Climate Realist farmers, Neil & Esther Henderson for both managing the NZ website & bringing Lord Monckton to NZ. If New Zealanders wake up to what is happening both locally & internationally & take appropriate common sense decisions/actions then the future of our children & grandchildren may yet be secure...

 I say, ‘Search for the truth no matter how plausible any message you see or hear may be’.

‘It is much more difficult to unlearn something than to learn something in the first place.’ & ‘It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled’.         Mark Twain

Stephanie Clague 

(note: 'Stephanie Clague' is a preudonym)