Dr James Hansen- letter from Ken

Dr James Hansen (NASA)
Somewhere in New Zealand
Hello Again James
You will remember me, I have written you numerous times over the last three years, suggesting you resign your post at NASA. I have written to the President asking that you be fired for insubordination - as you know.
So now you are planning to launch litigation in various countries, are you?  (attached) The worm has turned, the planet is cooling, and Global Warming/Climate Change has dropped down to the bottom of the pile of the average voter/taxpayer 's concerns.
Well that is just not good enough, is it James - people are no longer feeling the hysteria you promoted so well, parading yourself across the front page of the NY Times for 25 years. Must be a bummer James, after your rock star status, and all that. Must be especially hard, since your 'science' had descended into a religeous ferver, to see your desciples wandering off. I can see why a true believer such as yourself, would try using the court system to enforce your beliefs on an unwilling populace.
Now that you are in New Zealand, I just wanted you to know that I am a New Zealand taxpayer/voter. As such, I also wanted you to know that NZ is in dire economic straits, borrowing $380million per week just to float it's extensive social welfare state. This is a country which already derives a greater % of it's energy from renewables than any other. This is a nation that already has a greater % of it's land area dedicated to parks and indigenous forest, than any other. Unlike Brazil or Indonesia, NZ gets NO carbon credits for preserving all this vast carbon sink. WHY IS THAT??
James, it is because the globalist bankers made the rules of this game, to bleed the Western nations. They built the UN on land donated by Rockefeller, and this Climate hysteria you were instrumental in creating - was their plan. YOU WERE DUPED, you go around expressing your concern for future generations, and the bankers want to make those generations into SERFS - that includes your posterity too, James.
Here's the deal, James, litigation is a fine tool where some one actually has been harmed by neglegent or untrue speech. I am going to be obtaining the full audio of every speech you make in NZ, every statement to the media will be scrutinized. If I feel that you are harming the NZ economy - of which I am a part -  with untruths, I am going to organize a civil lawsuit against you - personally. My view of you is that you have already caused immeasurable damage in the United States, and I have a real attitude about that because I have many relatives and friends there. How many children committed sucide because of your hysteria ??
New Zealand is a real nice country, James, and the majority of it's people care about the environment - but oppose the banker instigated ETS that is bleeding the producers and families of the nation. Plenty of people in NZ heat their homes with wood or coal stoves. They sell bags of coal in the super markets of Dunedin. Jeanette Fitzsimmon, who organized your trip, has a wood stove in her home - saw that years ago in the NZ Herald. Why doesn't she just layer up with woolies if CO2 is soooo bad ?? In fact I asked you the same thing about your home in Pennsylvania, in a previous letter - how do you heat your home, James? I was born and raised in Pennsylvania James - don't BS me, it's bloody cold there in the Winter - why don't you just layer up instead of plugging into the PP&L coal fired grid?? I hate hypocrites, James...
Anyway, have a nice stay - and watch what you say....
Regards, Ken Shock
Russell, NZ

On Thu, May 5, 2011 at 6:59 PM, James Hansen <jimehansen@gmail.com> wrote:
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The Case for Young People and Nature

The Case for Young People and Nature: A Path to a Healthy, Natural, Prosperous Future describes what governments need to do to stabilize climate, fulfilling their obligation to young people and future generations.  This is the science basis attached to suits being filed this week and in the future in different states and countries.

Thanks to magnificent co-authors for their help in putting this together quickly.  Criticisms, suggestions welcome -- don't bother with typos and stuff that we will catch when we have a chance to read it carefully.

However, if you are in the Washington area on Mother's Day, consider joining us at 10 AM for a march from Union Station to the White House.  My grandchildren Sophie and Connor are busy preparing signs for President Obama's edification.  Evelyn is bringing her brood too.

Yes, it's just one step, but its in the right direction -- we have to generate broader understanding in a pretty big hurry.

The DC march is just one of many organized by iMatter, an organization founded by 16-year-old Alec Loorz.  You can check whether there is a march near you by going to the iMatter web site.  They are not all on Mother's Day.