To John Key from Simon B 17 May 2010

With all due respect, Sir, I was disgusted by your comments made on Radio Live (JT and WJ) last Thursday.
In reply to a question regarding the introduction of the ETS you stated that you believed in "Climate Change". Was this a deliberate attempt to deceive? You surely know that to the general public that Phrase conveys the concept of 'any change in climate'. And in that sense your repy is meanless ......every body knows that Climate changes ... always does, always has and always will!
But there is a less well-known meaning to the phrase which was set out in the IPCC 1982 Framework Convention on Climate Change. It defines 'Climate Change' as "a change of climate WHICH IS ATTRIBUTED DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY TO HUMAN ACTIVITY THAT ALTERS THE COMPOSITION OF THE GLOBAL ATMOSPHERE ........."
    If that was the meaning that you intended then you are flying in the face of the huge amount of evidence that shows that a) any Global Warming is only affected by the level of Carbon Dioxide to a completely negligable extent and b)that New Zealands contribution to the raising of Carbon Dioxide levels is infinitesimal.
Therefore to impose a tax on Carbon Emmissions in the hope of preventing warming is ludicrous and deceitful. Even if NZ stopped using all Carbon based fuels it would have no effect on the Climate whatsoever.
f you want to raise new Taxes thats your choice but dont try to hide behind a Scientific Falsification.
Oh, and dont tell me to raise these matters with The Government Science advisor. Dr Peter Gluckman has never replied (or even acknowledged the several e-mails I have written to him (and Dr Nick Smith also).
Most disappointed with your leadership and the National Government (I was formerly a strong National supporter).
Simon B