To John Key from Alan N 9 May 2010

John Key I am utterly flabbergasted that you are continuing with the ETS in the knowledge that the basis for this bill has been totally repudiated, the hypothesis of the UN that human produced CO2 is responsible for global warming has been shown to be totally false and was based on contrived and manipulated data, as born out by Phil Jones’s admission on BBC radio; that all warming experienced since the early 1800’s was of natural origin. How can you continue to justify the need to impose increased costs on the citizens of this nation when the supposed reason for doing so has never existed?

Thousands of scientists are proving that all warming experienced over the last 200 years is natural in origin yet you continue to accept the word of a few handpicked by the UN whose work has been proved unreliable. Perhaps you are unaware of this, although I doubt it as many like me have advised you of it. You choose to ignore what is staring you in the face for your on political reasons, this makes me question your suitability to lead this nation.

Historical records going back thousands of years are enough in themselves to cast serious doubt on UN assertions over climate yet these are ignored in favour of a 20 year period at the end of last century when CO2 and temperature increases coincided. Over a 60 year period surrounding this time(when the UN asserts humans started to cause global warming) , 40 years experienced cooling with increasing CO2, this alone shows CO2 is not responsible for warming. Currently the earth has experienced no warming since 1998 and has been cooling for the last 9-10 years. Obviously CO2 does not cause warming.

Even the media with their obvious support for the UN stance, nevertheless reveal in their reporting of climatic events the fact that, what the planet experiences these days has occurred within the last 100 years, with comments like; not experienced snow falls, floods etc for 30, 50 ,60 years. These comments reveal the cyclical nature of climate and do not reveal increasing severity of climatic events. What they do show is the increase of damage resulting from higher populations within climatic event zones. This has nothing to do with climate change.

On the contrary increasing temperatures and increased CO2 over the last 200 years has had a profound effect upon this planets ability to provide for its rapidly increasing population (if figures are correct 6 billion more supported now than then). With the projected increase to 9 billion by 2050, you should be encouraging productivity growth not instigating policies designed to cripple productivity and so force down living standards and our nations ability to provide, not only for kiwis but the rest of the world as we currently can.

The rest of the world is backing away from the UN folly while making conciliatory noises. You on the other hand have voluntered this nation to be first off the cliff to be smashed on the rocks below, at which point the rest will run for their lives.

I voted for your party and Anne Tolley hoping National would show common sense on this issue, the reality is you are just as idiotic and stupid as Labour and the Greens. Your agreement with Act before the election also gave me hope, but your subsequent actions quickly dispelled it. (The watering down of an agreed inquiry into global warming and your sweetheart deal with the Maori party giving a minority group access to public land for monetary gain at the expense of all others.) In conclusion I have yet to decide if you are politically foolish or more seriously are a traitor to our nation. Either way you have lost my vote after 40 years support. I have come to the conclusion that not one politician is worthy of my vote or of the votes of this nations citizens.