Letter to Waikato Times by Ben W

Bryan Walker's latest missive (WT 16th Mar) smacks of considerably more denial than most climate skeptics. Like the majority of his kind, he is desperately trying to play down the impact of the recent IPCC blunders in the face of a growing skeptism towards man-made climate change. He claims that the few technical errors (in fact complete lies and downright exaggeration) amount to little and that they may, however such misinformation has gone a long way to vindicate those who have continued to try and expose the truth in the face of the environmentalists alarmism. They have also caused many to ask, how many more lies have been told. Scientific fact has long since deserted the environmental movement, closely followed by credibility. The carbon market around the world is beginning to reflect the lack of future in carbon trading. Man -made climate change is simply the latest in a long line of end-of-the-world prophesies which litter mankind's history and it is a shame that Bryan and his kind will not be around long-enough to see theirs go the same way as all of the others did. Those of you worrying about a rise in GST should be far more worried about the upcoming introduction of the ETS as this will have far more impact of the pricing of just about everything. Do not waste the reprieve we have been given by the failure of the Copenhagen summit. Sign up to www.climaterealists.org.nz and join the fight to scrap the ETS.
Ben W
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