To John Key from Malcolm R 27 March 2010


 The Prime Minister ,
Since first writing to you in Nov.2008, expressing my concern at certain matters regarding climate change, ( i.e.   Global Warming ) it has become increasingly obvious that scientists and governments throughout the world have had a rapid and understandable change of perspective.
This has been more than obvious since the release of the C.R.U. emails on 19/11/2009. 
All the divisions, I.P.C.C. and U.N have now admitted that the information given to world governments had been manipulated in such a way as to make them  scientifically inaccurate , and should not have been used to correlate the information eventually distributed to world governments. 
Many of the heads of departments have been stood down while extensive research by competent scientists have commenced. Many distinguished scientists around the world have requested that their names be taken from lists which had previously purported to support global warming.

    As I have said before , your support of this global scam is causing great concern. The fact that it also seems obvious that National M.Ps are obviously bound by their pledge of loyalty to the party, even though many have now personally reviewed their opinions on this matter.
I previously also suggested that the sooner you amend your decision regarding the E.T.S. legislation, the better your personal regard within the voting population will become. Persisting with this ludicrous legislation will almost certainly ensure that National will be a one term government.

   Many of us are now questioning the quality of advice you are receiving. As you will no doubt be well aware, questions have been asked as to the quality of  advice you have received from Niwa and other scientific sources.
Now that France has decided not to proceed with carbon tax; Utah has petitioned the American government not to proceed with an E.T.S; India has withdrawn from the I.P.C.C. in favour of forming its own Climate Council. It is increasingly doubtful that China will support any continuation. In fact, the only countries keen to proceed are those who believe they will receive some monetary or trade advantage.
    Not all of us are idiots, as some politicians seem to believe. I suggest that politicians return to the real world where most of us live. Remember; it is only 18 months to the next election , and I believe that other parties are gaining traction. The grassroots are certainly not happy , but for some reason are scared to openly protest.
I think it is overdue for you all to talk to the every day Joe in the street .
      Malcolm   R      Timaru .
   P.S. Don’t fob this on to the local M.P.; she is well aware of my thoughts .