To John Key from Donald O 25 March 2010

The following letter to John Key has been slightly edited by the operator of this site.

I would implore you for the sake of our country and your government, please repeal the ETS legislation, or if you must, find a way to delay it indefinitely.  The science has been found to be shonky, or just plain wrong, the world has cooled since 1998 or so, the sea levels are rising about a mm a year, and any climate change is driven by sun-spot activity, not man made carbon at all. ........... 
.............  As I have previously suggested, you can easily 'park' the ETS on the grounds that:
1, 'The science is in doubt and we will wait and see',
2,  'We are taking up a watching brief on the world's temps and further science developments'.
3. 'As we emerge form the depression, we plainly cannot afford to destroy our fragile economy for a scheme which will only cost our country dearly to transfer money to Russia and there is no proven link to show how that will affect the climate anyway.' 
The proportion of voters who now still accept we created global warming is down in the mid teens, about 17%.  It is all a complete sham and to save your government, you are urged to delay or rescind this stupid legislation.
Donald xxxxxx, National supporter, tax payer, voter.