To John Key and Nick Smith from Jim M 27 February 2010

I see you are quite happy to crash and burn with your friends at the IPCC & Al Gore. If that is your chosen course I wish you well however I find hard to believe that you are prepared to commit your fellow citizens to the high costs that will result from your ridiculous ETS and charging them money for the changes in climate caused by Sun and other natural processes. It just does not make sense.
You can be sure that those citizens will not look kindly on you, your party and parliament in general when the realise the depth of the deception which lead to you pushing through YOUR ill considered and ill advised ETS!
Repeal it while you can and live to govern another day or two!!
As anyone with their eyess open can see the Climate Change policies of Barack Obama are being blown apart before his eyes, the Australians have largley seen through the GREATEST SCAM OF ALL TIME so should you.
I have not spoken to anyone in any walk of life here in New Zealand that does not see the whole Climate Change story as a bunch od BS. Beware of the power of the ballot box.
Jim M