To John Key from Alan N 3 March 2010

Mr Key,

Recent events must have you questioning why you rushed the Emissions Trading Scheme (Extra Tax Scam) through parliament. This bill was bulldozed through in direct contradiction to your own assertions of what you would do. In particular aligning with Australia to maintain parity between our two nations, this is now shot to pieces. The continuing discreditation of the UN’s supposedly scientific conclusions must also be giving you concern, especially with Phil Jones’ recent admission on BBC radio that all warming in the 20th century was natural in origin and for the last 15 years no warming has taken place. In fact cooling has happened for the last 9 years. There are scientific predictions based on sunspot activity that cooling will continue for up to 20 years. These conclusions I would suggest carry far more weight than the nefarious conclusions of the UN’s IPCC which are based on falsified and manipulated computer models which bear on correlation to what is actually happening.


It is these conclusions you and your colleagues are supposedly basing the ETS on. False information results in flawed legislation, which it is patently obvious, you have passed. It is the people of NZ who will pay the exorbitant price of this. Initially you may have watered down the cost involved, but market forces will eventually force them up and the result will be catastrophic for this nation and its people. Already Australia has an advantage over us simply because of your haste in passing this bill while they have none. Our other trading partners do not have ETS’s which puts exporters at a disadvantage. There is already a tsunami of manufacturers leaving for greener pastures, this will only increase The end result of your actions will force costs up and incomes down, leading to 3rd world status. The people most affected will be small businesses and consumers, all those who can not pass costs on. The biggest of these will be farmers, those who produce food not only for this nation, but also for a substantial proportion of the worlds population. Up to 90% of agricultural products are exported, this is now put at risk along with the flow on effects which many people rely on for a living. This bill effectively destroys our economy.

There will be some winners short term, certain big business and govt., but ultimately these will lose out also. As the saying goes you can not get blood out of a stone.

Be a man John Key admit a mistake has been made, blame the UN, unscrupulous science, Nick Smith, whoever, but fix this atrocity before it is too late, unless you want your political legacy to be the (sic)leader who destroyed NZ’s economy and bankrupted a flourishing nation.


PS. The current record cold northern winter with massive snow dumps must be extremely unsettling for you and your cronies. Be prepared for it to happen here shortly as we move into winter, by then it will be too late to repeal your bill unless you act now. Repeal it or put it on indefinite hold, but deal with it.