Letter to several MP's by Malcolm R 31st December 2009- and reply from Jo Goodhew

Climategate ; The Biggest Scandal to Ever Hit The Scientific World ; Yes ! 2009 Goes out with a roar as some of us start to realise the full implications we now face . Thousands of politicians starting to realise that they have been sucked into the biggest scam the world has ever seen . Politicians who have believed the false evidence put to them by a small number of influential scientists . Scientists who have sucked millions of dollars out of the public purse, to safeguard their positions of trust within the research and educational systems of the world . On November 19 , 2009 , a mistake was made , or a whistleblower intentionally released emails which disclosed how a relatively few scientists working in the Climatic Research Unit (C.R.U.)of the University of East Anglia had supplied information to the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (I.P.C.C.)which proves beyond any doubt , that the information supplied to the world governments was false . That information had been falsified by the scientists who had been supplied the information from many different sources . Some figures had been changed , some had been omitted . In any case , what was eventually supplied to world governments , were figures which indicated that world temperatures were rising . The advisers to world government were such, who whole heartedly accepted those figures and hence , our government , and many more started a regime of setting up systems , whereby a vast bureaucratic system would be formed to administer this monster. This began behind closed doors about 1992 and by now , (2009 ) Millions of dollars have disappeared into what will prove to be a bottomless pit . Kyoto , Copenhagen and several other meetings by world politicians have only blown more climate changing gases into the atmosphere and spent many millions of taxpayer dollars . Don’t get me wrong ; mankind has indeed made many mistakes with regard to pollution . what some of the world politicians are trying to force upon us is flawed . They will try to set up an organisation which will eventually disadvantage the lower income members of society . Another thousand or so will not affect those at the top of the income heap, but the less affluent will be progressively more affected . If, what our leaders say they intend to do, is allowed to happen , our children and grandchildren will be faced with an escalating rise in taxes and cost of everyday expenditure which only the top dogs will be able to absorb . At present they say they will reduce taxes ; but the reality will be , they reduce one tax by (say) $10 , and raise another by $50 . World time is hard to understand , but to put it into perspective ; 200 years is the equivalent of the blink of an eye . Science talks of various periods of earth time in millions of years . The scientists connected to Climategate are talking of 30 year periods . Even that sort of limitation should have alerted the rest of the scientific world before the small group at the East Anglia University were able to Hijack the political world into this vast , unprecidented scam . Most of us would have expected that a theory of such global importance would demand a most exacting scientific investigation. What we have seen is a small team of incompetent cowboys , abusing the framework of science to build a fortress round their ‘Old Boys ‘ club . Mr Key and his colleagues seem to have been completely sucked into this government funded disgrace . Any sensible arguments , indeed common sense has been rebuffed with vitriolic fervour . It was because of this determination to even keep other scientists out of their ‘club ‘ which finally induced other scientists to question the validity of Phil Jones’ Party of global warmers . This will prove to be one of the darkest periods in scientific history . The media response will prove whether they have indeed been objective in this saga of shame .The crisis is here and now . Will common sense prevail ? Will those who perpetrated this disgrace face justice ,or will it all be swept under the mat and the politicians proceed to enjoy their privileges of power . Malcolm


Dear Malcolm
Thank you for your recent emails regarding Climate Change and the Emissions Trading Scheme.
The moderated NZ ETS recently passed into law by the government will provide incentives to reduce emissions while keeping the cost to households and businesses as low as possible. The NZ ETS is also flexible, and will allow the government to take into account any future developments and commitments. The government considers that a well-balanced emissions trading scheme is the most efficient way for New Zealand to reduce emissions and to contribute to international efforts on climate change.

The NZ ETS is not a tax and, as such, does not aim to create revenue for the government to spend. It is true that the units that offset emissions are purchased, but, in simplified terms, this transaction is between those who have generated a surplus of units and those who need to buy more in order to offset their emissions. These units could come from a number of sources, such as forest owners who have planted new forests or other NZ ETS participants who have reduced their emissions. Although the units are surrendered to the government to account for the New Zealand’s emissions, the money that is paid to a seller for their units does not go to the government.

Although I recognise that there are those who do not recognise the reality of human-caused climate change, I would caution anyone against jumping onto one sole set of data, one scientific paper, or one opinion when drawing a conclusion on such a complex matter. The government does not claim absolute consensus on the science, nor does it claim that everything about the earth's climatic system is understood. However, the government is satisfied that it has received robust, reliable advice and that there is sufficient risk to justify action.

I also note your concern over the leaked emails from the University of East Anglia, which you suggest question the reliability of climate change science. However, a careful review of the content of the emails shows that they do not undermine the scientific case that climate change is real, nor do they refute the case that human activities are almost certainly the cause. Unlike the emails, the scientific cases that government is responding to are supported by multiple, robust lines of evidence, including several that are completely independent of the climate reconstructions debated in the emails.

Once again thank you sharing your views regarding Climate Change with me.
Yours Sincerely
Jo Goodhew


Hello  Jo  ,
thank you for your reply .
  It is quite obvious that your advisors are well behind the 8 ball .  I strongly suggest that you research what is now being printed in many overseas papers . 
  India has withdrawn from the I.P.C.C.   China will not be progressing further  . Utah state has sent a resolution to the U.S.  Senate to withdraw from further participation in global  warming ,   Senior scientists are declaring world wide that the U.N. should investigate the matter.  Hundreds of new scientific papers are emerging daily , refuting the A.G.W.   The only ones who will benefit from this abberation will be the very rich . The sale of carbon credits will only put a further burden on the lower income group .The advise you are receiving is unreliable and fast being denied by senior scientists worldwide . The fact being widely acknowledged  now , is that this scam was initially perpetrated by a small group of scientists , whose influence on world leaders has exacerbated the problem .
   Already , the C.E.O of the C.R.U. has admitted manipulations and has been stood down while further study is done .  The Chairman of the I.P.C.C. has also admitted errors and there is calls for his resignation . The robust lines of evidence you claim the Government is following is a myth, which is quickly exposing the falseness of your advisors claims .  Following this path, is leading the National Party into a pit of lies and deception .  Many grassroot members are not happy .  Will this be a one term government ?  It is time some members thought for themselves and understood the falseness of the present claims .