Letter to Waikato Times 25 January 2010

 I could not agree more with JA Griffiths (WT 25/01). From the studies I have undertaken, it appears to me that it is the environmental movement who have been selective in the facts which they have used to convince the world that we are responsible for a phenomenon which has been continuing in cycles for billions of years. The recent failure of the Copenhagen summit and the resulting waste of time and money should be regarded as a wake-up call which will hopefully buy the world some time. There is no doubt that those who wish to relieve us of our livelihoods, money and freedoms will be working hard to ensure that the next summit in Mexico will go even further to emotionally blackmail world leaders into action. For those of you who really want to protect the future for your children and the prosperity and lifestyles which we are so lucky to have in this country, visit www.climaterealists.org.nz and register your support.