To John Key from Resource Users Association NZ INC 22 January 2010

Dear Sir,

I refer to a letter, dated 13 January 2010, from your office, over the signature of Elizabeth Kiely-Shand. It reads as follows...... “ Dear Mr. Malcolm....... On behalf of the Prime Minister, thank you for the copy of your letter addressed to The United Nations”.
As I have not written a letter to the UN, I can only assume that Ms Kiely-Shand is referring to an article (dated 12 Dec.2009) which was widely distributed by this Assn., for the benefit of New Zealanders. [ For your convenience a copy is attached ]. In addition to the article, the following comments relate to matters which have become of widespread concern.
‘National’s Basic Sweetener Before, and since the 2008 election you and some of your senior Govt., colleagues have emphatically declared that our industries ( particularly ‘farming’) should not be financially damaged by demands regarding controls over the use of land. This was particularly the case with CO2 and ETS levies.
‘National’s Bitter Political Pill’ – ‘Without even stopping to draw breath’ you impose CO2 levies and announce your intention to consider a range of taxation that can be imposed on property, including a capital gains tax.
‘National’s Attack on Farming began with the introduction of the ‘Resource Management Act 1991’. This vicious ‘State’ intrusion into property ownership rights is totally unproductive, enormously expensive ( $billions) and is expanding continuously. The wasteful extravagant use of public money through the RMA is a major cause of economic difficulties the current ‘recession’ has inflicted upon New Zealand.
‘The About Turn’ – It is not very long ago that you were preaching the virtue of ‘tax cuts’ as an important part of the remedy for the ‘recession. Why is it that you now do a 1800 turn ?
Add the possible outcome of the proposed ‘Wellington Climate Summit’, specifically convened to address ‘agricultural emissions’....... The lengths your Government will go to ‘knock the stuffing’ out of our agriculture industry is unbelievable.
To where are you dragging our country ?    If you have a ‘vision’ for NZ there are many land owners who would like you to reveal it. Could you do that ?
Yours faithfully,
Bruce R. Malcolm