'Miskolczi Constant' Proves IPCC WRONG?

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Thursday January 14, 2010

Found this very interesting article today about an Hungarian scientist called Dr. Ferenc Miskolczi who wrote a paper back in 2004 and again in 2007 about a 'constant' he worked out with regard to CO2 in the atmosphere. According to his formula, the CO2 can NEVER get to the level the IPCC talks about. What's more, no scientist has been able to refute his research after peer review. It's probably best if I lay down some quotes which will explain a little, but it's best if you read the article in it's entirety to fully grasp it.

To give context to this discovery, a short lesson in science is needed. The term “Constant” is very well known in science. Simply put it is a part of an equation (An equation is merely a mathematical sentence, the Variables are the words) that does not change; they are specific and represent solid concepts. You may have heard of Bohr’s Constant, Hubble ’s Constant, Avogadro’s Constant, there are many of them. There is a new Constant; one that has not been named, but if history is any guide it will be called the Miskolczi Constant, named for the physicist who discovered it.
A Constant we are all familiar with is the speed of light. Before Einstein and his famous theory of Relativity E=MC2, it was widely believed there was no limit on speed, just throw a rock from a speeding train and the speed will continue to add up. Einstein and his theory of Special Relativity put a specific limit on speed - the speed of light, beyond which nothing could go. There is a strict energetic limit, and we have recognized that for decades now. Before Miskolczi, it was generally thought that the greenhouse effect could be increased infinitely by adding more and more CO2 molecules into the air. Under the conditions prevailing on Earth, Miskolczi has proved that there is a limit to the greenhouse temperature that cannot be raised. Why is that? The IPCC has been telling us the exact opposite for years. Simple, because just as with Einstein’s E=MC2, there is a strict energetic limit as the Miskolczi Law proves.

[O]ur planetary climate system is at equilibrium, and the Miskolczi Constant allows science to completely describe that equilibrium. For the first time, we can do so accurately with raw data, and match observed data with the results. No “hide the decline” needed when simply describing reality.

Let’s get more basic in dismantling the IPCC’s “theory” of climate. If one takes Earth’s greenhouse gasses away, the planet would be about -18 degrees C (4 Degrees F) on a global average. Add in the greenhouse gasses and their influence back in using the Miskolczi Constant and you get a 33 degree C increase to 15 degrees C (59 Degrees F). This value is constant, and maximized on a global scale. It also matches observed data. Raw data, not manipulated or computer processed data. Using Miskolczi’s law and constant, there is no need for manipulated data, only the real observations, and that is the reason this discovery is so significant. If you double the amount of current CO2 emissions and add that to the equation, and you cannot come up with the 35 to 38 Degree C increase that the IPCC and Al Gore have been preaching about. It is physically and mathematically impossible, and thanks to the Miskolczi Law and Constant, provable and repeatable by scientists the world over.
Dr. Miskolczi first published his work in the Quarterly Journal of the Hungarian Meteorological Services in 2004, Volume 108, No 4. He published further statistical proof in the same Journal in 2007, Volume 111, No. 1. In the 5 years since he first published his results, not one peer review has come back disproving his theory, or his Constant. To date, not one scientist has come forward to disprove Miskolczi’s theory that the Earth’s climate is at equilibrium, and that Carbon Dioxide cannot be released in amounts great enough to upset that equilibrium.

In short, according to Dr. Miskolczi’s discovery, Earth’s temperature will not rise or fall as a result of increasing CO2 emissions because of the inherent equilibrium created by our oceans upon oceans of water.

Again, sorry for all the cutting and pasting, but I think the quotes (and the story itself) tell you more than me trying to explain it in my own words. NASA and the IPCC have known about this constant but have conveniently taken no notice of the paper.

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