To John Key and Nick Smith from Donald O 15 January 2010


I have met you both, Mr Smith at Elmwood School over the foreshore debate some years ago where I said the foreshore belonged to all of us and Mr Key at a dinner at Russely Golf Course where I presented you with a BBC video to show global warming was a scam.  It still is and that fact is becoming more apparent everyday.  The earth has stopped warming and is cooling because the sunspot activity has reduced and we look like being at the start of a 30 year mini ice age.  The sea levels are near static and the rate of cataclysmic weather events has reduced.  CO2 has absolutely nothing to do with climate change, cooling or warming; it is all caused by the sun; beyond our control. 
What is not beyond our control are the tax provisions you have found necessary to impose to move money to Russia and beggar our economy.  This matter will see you voted out of office for many terms, if you proceed.  I like to think that as clever men, you have already decided to go slowly on the ETS and find a political way to delay it.  Perhaps a Royal commission for 3 years, based on the recent climategate revelations of vested interests corrupting the science?  Perhaps due to the huge damage it will have on our struggling economy?  You will survive if you delay as the proportion of NZ voters who believe climate change is a man-made event is now down to 18%.  The rest of us will see you well gone, and as National supporter, that will be a shame.  Don't let me down; for the sake of NZ, find a way to reject or delay any tax based on shonky science.