The United Nations.... the 'conspiracy' exposed.


OUR HERITAGE –- In New Zealand, and kindred nations, the right to own, control and use private property has been the corner-stone of our prosperity. The protection of this ‘right’ is essential for continuing growth and stability. Respect for it, is as vital as ‘life and liberty’.
[ Warning !! Before you read the following explanation, the UN Conference at Copenhagen may have stolen a vital part of your ‘heritage’ with the assent of NZ Government representatives.]
Hard-core Reality –- Neither the fascism/communism of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin nor the UN ‘global government’ are compatible with our private ownership rights. Unlike the named dictators, the UN is attempting to achieve the same result without the use of military force. This is vitally important to New Zealanders because……….
One ------ The first official exposure of detailed UN land policy was at the ‘Habitat: United Nations Conference on Human Settlements’ held in Vancouver from May 31 to June 11, 1976. The single most important item in that UN agenda was the removal of individual property ownership rights.
Two ------ Not once in the 183 pages of the Vancouver Conference Report is there any mention of ‘Climate Change’ or ‘loss of environmental bio-diversity’. The recorded purpose of the Conference is undisguised communist/fascist social engineering.
Three ----- All the major ‘objectives’ and ‘recommendations’ of that 1976 Habitat Conference were drafted into New Zealand’s Resource Management Act 1991. Consequently, the functions and power of the RMA are first and foremost focused on social engineering.
This is the basis, the only basis, for the RMA’s non-specific, broad discretionary power…. Power that is spread more broadly by willy-nilly delegation from councils to other unspecified “public authorities” etc. The whole package in the RMA is constitutionally unlawful……totally incompatible with a ‘free’ society.
Four ------ A generalized assortment of alleged anthropogenic environmental pollution was concocted in the 1980s and subsequently used in drafting the Resource Management Act 1991. This; to justify wholesale control of resources as well as the despicable ‘state extortion’ of money and property. In addition there is the scaremongering phantom of ‘climate warming’ with its pie in the sky purpose and ludicrous money grabbing levies.
Ø      The UN is a communist/fascist dictatorship which openly aspires to global governmental control. New Zealand, as a free country, should not be bowing down to directives from the UN. We are a sovereign nation that should act independently.
Ø      For 6 years from 1939, New Zealand was a fully committed combatant in World War 2 in order to stop a German dictatorship from achieving the same goal as is currently sought over our affairs by the United Nations. What is the difference ? Absolutely no difference ! Mr. Key has no mandate to subject this country to the UN bully tactics now being used to take away individual freedom .
Ø      And, why have NZ Governments been making annual cash payments to the dictatorial UN. These total  $25.5million [ annual dues $7.6m; peacekeeping budget $16.9m; for international tribunals $1.0m.]   plus IMF special drawing rights which varies from year to year…… For 2007 the SDR was $1.76m.
ABOLISH  the “Emission T. S.” with its LEVIES    IMMEDIATELY !!
Land Ownership –- In August 1976 the leader of the NZ team to the UN Habitat Conference, Hon. V.S.Young, included the following comments in his Report…… “The debate considered the relative merits of private versus public ownership of land”.    “Widely divergent views were expressed. New Zealand joined Canada and the USA in pointing to the contribution made by private ownership in development generally”….. “The New Zealand delegation also emphasised the need to determine “community created values” in a manner equitable to the land owner”. [ The 2009 NZ team needs to display the same sensitivity for property rights.]
                                                                                                                         [underlining added]
In December 2009 the political wreckers of our ownership rights do not need to bleat if the Copenhagen ‘treaty’ is not signed because New Zealand’s Resource Management Act 1991 has already given all levels of government the power to ‘steal’ individual property exactly as the UN ‘Habitat Conference’ of 1976 recommended. This ‘stealing’ is not academic…it is real! is happening in NZ through the RMA !!
When Mr. Key and his team return from Copenhagen they will be able to show respect to the people who voted them into office by restoring  National’s  traditional policies directed at a range of individual rights and freedoms, with particular focus on  property ownership rights, noting that article 17/2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [1948] states… “No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property”. This was ratified by the ‘National’ Government in December 1978.
Bruce R. Malcolm,