To Nick Smith from Maureen C 23 November 2009

Good morning
Are you aware of the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit's security breach in which data and emails have been hacked and posted on the internet.  This information appears to indicate that scientists have manipulated data in an endeavour to prove global warming is genuine and is caused by humans.    If, as it appears, this information is genuine will you withdraw the ETS Bill due to come before Parliament given that the basis for the ETS is the findings of the IPCC, and will you move urgently to repeal the current ETS.  Will you also instigate an INDEPENDENT enquiry involving no person or organisation originally involved, i.e. NIWA, (who, if the allegations are correct, are guilty by association) to ascertain the validity of the claims made.
If the answer is No, can you please explain why you would allow New Zealand to also be part of this scam.

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