To his Pastor- from Mike G 15 December 2009


Dear Pastor,
In last evening’s service, I heard you request prayer for the Copenhagen conference and that you weren’t sure what to make of it. I felt moved to send you some information about what this “climate change” agenda is really all about and why we Christians need to be in intercessory prayer against it.
Back around 1995, I read Michael S. Coffman’s book Saviors of the Earth?, which is subtitled “The Politics and Religion of the Environmental Movement.” At the time, I was fast becoming aware of the push toward world government, but this book was quite an eye-opener about how environmentalism fits into it.

Coffman documents the roots of environmentalism in Theosophy, the writings of Alice Bailey and the Gaia movement, all of which are pantheistic, worship nature as God and call for a Luciferian “new world order.” This same philosophy is behind the New Age movement. I like to know my adversary, therefore I have a number of Masonic and occult books in my library and I can attest to the truth of the foregoing. Coffman also shows how billions of dollars have been funneled into organizations such as the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund, Earth First!, and others by major tax-exempt foundations, such as Ford and Rockefeller, plus grants from various US government agencies. The goal is control of all resources, a vastly reduced population and complete control of the individual, who will be micro-chipped and totally enslaved to the all-powerful state. After the economic collapse (which has already begun) a new world currency will be promulgated, which world leaders have already said will be backed by carbon credits.
One could reason that in spite of the subversive nature of environmentalism, man’s activities are really causing global warming, and only Draconian measures such as global carbon taxes (estimated to cost up to $145 trillion) are needed to save the planet. As it happens, the “science” has been massively faked, as the Climategate scandal proves beyond any reasonable doubt. Our friends in Copenhagen are pushing their agenda full steam ahead, as if Climategate didn’t even exist. The whole basis behind the most massive wealth transfer (read THEFT) in the history of the world has been proven to be a fraud, yet our “leaders” go right on ahead, sealing our doom. If that language sounds a bit strong, I suggest reading a translation of the proposed treaty’s Danish text, which came out a few days ago.
The fraud was known long before this, however. About three years ago, Britain’s Channel 4 aired a documentary called The Great Global Warming Swindle, where a number of the world’s top climate scientists effectively debunked the man-made global warming hypothesis. It was shown how changes in solar activity triggered warming and cooling periods and increased atmospheric CO2 was the result of warming, not the cause of it, since the oceans release more CO2 with increased temperature. Also, the amount of carbon dioxide produced by man is insufficient to have any significant effect on global temperatures. Krakatoa, with all the CO2 it emitted, didn’t cause a change in climate, except for some cooling due to dust reflecting back some incipient solar radiation. I have books and magazines I obtained in the ‘90s which also document the fraud. Clearly, it’s too complex a subject to grasp without personal research, but it’s also clear that the mainstream media cannot be relied on for the truth. That many scientists have prostituted themselves to promote a lie is not hard to fathom. Government grants and endowments can and do buy all the propaganda it needs. Those brave enough to stand by the truth don’t get funded or get removed from their posts. Scientists are as corruptible as anyone else in this world. Remember the famous quote of Meyer Rothschild, “Give me control of a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.”
The foregoing is meant to serve as an introduction to the subject. For further research, I suggest you start with the following:
I’ve written this to you because it seemed to me that you were concerned with the Copenhagen conference, but didn’t have enough information to know what was happening there. I pray that this will be a good start to discover the wicked agenda being withheld from the public. Let’s pray that they fail utterly in their evil machinations.
Best Regards,
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