To Various Politicians and the Dominion Post from Phil H 11 December 2009

Glen McDonald in his climate change science defence, says "I am not willing to condemn two highly talented and dedicated scientists without a full accounting". It's not just two, and falsifying scientific research and illegally concealing data and abusing influence to destroy the careers of those who disagree with you, would be a pretty cut and shut case if it concerned business men or doctors or other professionals.

Chris Trotter says "Climate Change denial must become the moral equivalent of treason". No fancy scruples there about highly talented and dedicated scientists, only that the careers of such people who dare to disagree with the fraudsters, must continue to be destroyed on political grounds. The treason here has actually been committed, against all of us, by Chris's leftwing political mates and the evil scientists serving them. Time for decent people to stop mincing words about this.

I doubt your choice of Sarah Palin to present the Climategate case, is anything other than a setup to facilitate a fresh outpouring of secular leftwing bigotry; which bigotry leaves the infamous Victorian moralists for dead.

Yours faithfully

Phil H