To John Key, Bill English, Maurice Williamson, Rodney Hide, Tim Groser, Nick Smith, David Carter from Les H 18 December 2009

Greenhouse gases are predominantly made up of water vapour... Practical example to be seen world wide: Winter cloud cover at night = No frost (Clouds retain heat) Therefore, no clouds = frost (heat loss)...
CO2 and methane are not 'Greenhouse' gases... And before you answer this email perhaps you should check actual world temperatures in raw data which, despite 'manipulation' by scientist, the UN and Al Gore and his cronies, do not show any global warming let alone anything man-made!
Then perhaps you can enlighten us as to where the NZ$8500 per annum per family "ETS" tax will be coming from because our company cannot afford to increase wages by that amount and remain viable in New Zealand - Perhaps we should also move off-shore!

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