To Nick Smith from Neil H 29 November 2009

Dear Minister
It is with considerable horror that I have learned that a senior Minister was unaware of the unfolding Climategate allegations at the time the ETS amending legislation was being debated. It includes accusations against Dr. Jim Salinger who worked at NIWA at the time. This begs the question as to how many others were also unaware. Were you aware of Climategate at the time of the debate?
If you were, why did you not put the Bill on hold and delay the the start date of the existing Act until a full independent review of the allegations could be made?
Was your awareness of Climategate the reason you rushed the Bill through on Wednesday, or was it  the report the National Council of the Maori party was organising an urgent teleconference, which may have led to the collapse of the Maori Party support?
If you were not aware of Climategate, what action is now being taken against your advisors for negligence and/or incompetence, and when are you going to bring the new Act back to the House and suspend it pending a full independent review?
I copy here a link to the adjusted New Zealand climate records. While Niwa's explantion for the adjustments seems plausible on the face of it, I can see no reason why there should be any need to adjust the temperatures from the current Kelburn site. I also question how any adjustment can be made when there is not significant overlap of data to provide a robust comparison of the two sites.
Yours faithfully
Neil H