To Nicky Wagner (National MP) from Tony O 27 November 2009

Sorry Nicky.
Kyoto seems just a lot of hogwash, notwithstanding that we should be vigilant on all matters environmental.
I rate my self as green (not looney green) and was involved in Save Manapouri campaign in 1970s plus others over the years.
Environmental neglect is shown by recent disclosure of Manawatu River's state of pollution. Nor is it the only   one, which is shocking in a country with a population just less than greater Sydney!
On Kyoto, I have researched climate  changes and note there have been three warming periods going back to 16th century (Dr Patrick Grant's work) which I related in my 2002 book "About Deer and Deerstalking." (it was relative to so-called wild animal "damage")
Nor am I convinced of government sincerity when we exports millions of tons of coal to China and India for them to burn in their hundreds of coal fired power stations.
And yet NZ won't build just 2 coal fired power stations to give us energy for next 30 years. Instead we allow corporate companies to dam/privatise majority of flow of  rivers which is hardly clean and green.
By the way I must register my disappointment at National's actions over Kyoto, the ETS and the deal with Maori. I thought we had turned a new political course with getting rid of the Clark-led government, but it seems not so.
Tony O