To John Key from Resource Users Association NZ INC 21 November 2009


Dear Mr Key,
With absolutely no compromise we reject the need for ETS levies because …
  • There is no global warming. Actually, Earth has been cooling for 20 years. So say many eminent scientists including Lord Monckton (scientific adviser to the Thatcher Government), Dr David Bellamy and Australia’s Professor Bob Carter.
  • Real science shows that changes in the intensity of the sun’s heat, not humanly generated CO2 levels, in fact drive the Earth’s warming and cooling cycles.
  • Polar ice melting and re-freezing fluctuations are cyclically normal. Sea levels do not rise because, obviously, melt water occupies less volume than ice. The scaremongers should ‘clam up’.
Why ram the Climate Change Amendment Bill through Parliament when the Kyoto Convention is ‘a dead duck’ and the big players – India, China, the US - are shying away from the proposed Copenhagen treaty? Surely your best course is to repeal Labour’s 2008 statute and withdraw your current Amendment Bill.
Money can’t stop natural warming/cooling cycles. Hitting us with a $50billion bill to try to do so will devastate our economy. The world needs our food. Yet you want farmers to earn non-productive income by acquiring ‘carbon credits’ no one can eat.
Meanwhile the Club of Rome wants New Zealand to forget farming and just grow trees and host tourists? Do you? If not, why follow the ‘one world government’ agenda? You have no mandate to forfeit our sovereignty.
We don’t want emissions trading, any more than a majority of people want the anti-smacking law you refuse to repeal. Continue to ignore the people and calls for your resignation cannot be far behind.
Yours faithfully,       
Bruce R. Malcolm
President, RUANZ
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