To John Key from Sally M 22 November 2009

Dear Prime Minister

The people voted National in because they were fed up with the tactics of the Clark government continually ramrodding legislation through the house. People are becoming more than a little disturbed that you the leader of New Zealand, John Key, quickly learned what appears to be the same tactics of the previous Prime Minister.

Before the election, the Maori Party objected strongly to an Emissions Trading Scheme. National in its wisdom (?) put forward changes to the Labour government’s rushed ETS scheme. After reading and hearing submissions the finance and expenditure committee could not agree on whether the amended bill should be passed.

Now it has been revealed the Maori Party is deeply divided over changes with three of the five Maori Party representatives opposed to the National Governments changes to the ETS, but are not likely to split the Maori Party vote. If this bill goes through it is clear that all policy will be for sale and our democracy will be a farce. Should you let this happen?

It gets worse as revealed this morning by Oram. "The committee was supposed to consider submissions on the extensive changes to the ETS the government proposed, gather analysis from Treasury and other expert witnesses, and make appropriate changes to the bill before sending it back to parliament. Instead, the committee, chaired by Craig Foss of National, failed to execute all three of its tasks."

The President of Federated Farmers sums up the situation of the National Party when he criticised the "horse trading" between parties to get the amendments passed as an "absolute nonsense" that was bending the National Party out of shape.

I totally support Federated Farmers President Don Nicholson’s call for a total repeal of the ETS, and start with a blank piece of paper. It is the only way forward.

Take heed of Rob Oram's words please! The dogmatism of Minister Smith and the manner you Prime Minister have followed his crusade of a science that is not proven, is totally abhorrent.

Sally M

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