To John Key from Resource Users Association NZ INC 7 November 2009

Dear Sir,

The UNITED NATIONS Copenhagen “Treaty” –
There is a rapidly growing ground swell of public resentment because of your Government’s policy to force New Zealand into a subservient position under the totalitarian authority of the United Nations (UN).
Your Government does not have a people mandate to impose ‘government with enforcement’ under the heel of a foreign dictatorship via a possible UN “Treaty”.
If you were not aware that signing this “treaty” would lock us into totalitarian servitude, why have you been exercising ‘blind leadership’? If you were aware, why did you keep silent ?
HypocrisyIt is the height of hypocrisy for members of your Government to criticize the Fiji junta while doing your best to remove our sovereignty, and force our country under a UN DICTATORSHIP.
Bainimarama protects the sovereignty of all Fijians and is more popular than we are led to believe. Also, he can make up his own mind rather than having it made up for him by the UN.
Finally, we implore that your Government refrains from signing the UN ‘Treaty’ or any other document drafted at Copenhagen.
We strongly recommend your Government adopts a positive and clearly defined position as soon as possible. In the light of Lord Christopher Monckton’s very disturbing revelations the New Zealand public are entitled to know what this position ( at Copenhagen ) is going to be.
Yours faithfully,
Bruce R. Malcolm