To Nick Smith from Neil H 11 August 2009

Dear Minister
  I find it impossible to contain my frustration at New Zealands emissions reduction target for Copenhagen that I heard announced on Radio New Zealand's Checkpoint programme on last evening, and Morning Report this morning. Contrary to what you, and others like Simon Boxer say, the science is NOT showing that increased urgency is required. The climate is NOT getting warmer faster than originally 'predicted'. In fact, the last few years have seen some cooling. You stood on the steps of Parliament supporting the protest against the "Fart tax". I consider it extreme hypocrisy, in the light of current science revealing more and more conclusively that human produced greenhouse gases are NOT causing global warming, that you can now stand up and justify such an expensive and economically damaging target. 
  You mention that the cost to the average New Zealander will be $30 per week. This cost is entirely dependent on the price of carbon. What price did you use in the calculations? I am assuming you used the standard figure used in the ETS consultation last year of $25/tonne. If so this is extremely misleading. In fact it fits in the category of 'misinformation' that Hon. Ms Fitzsimons asked a question about, that was directed to you, in Parliament last week. The price of carbon last year before it collapsed in the global economic crisis and the uncertainty over the future of carbon trading, was over $45/tonne. The IPCC whose information you and Hon. Ms Fitzsimons hold as being so authoritative on the question of science, in spite of huge evidence to the contrary, actually predicts the price of carbon will rise to $US100/tonne. At our current exchange rate that is near enough to $NZ150/tonne, making the cost to New Zealanders of your 2020 emissions target about $180. I challenge you to face the media and broadcast that message! If you don't I will be forced to conclude that it is you and Hon. Ms Fitzsimons that are guilty of misinformation and not the rural newspapers the member refers to in her question. It will be obvious that the power of the Treasury benches has gone to your head, and that in order to be seen as 'important' on the world scene, you are willing to sacrifice the people who put you in power. National campaigned as being the 'key to our country's future'. By pursuing this ridiculous emissions reduction target, I can assure you that the only thing this government is the key for is Davy Jones locker at the bottom of ther economic sea!!
Yours faithfully
Neil Henderson
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