To Nick Smith from Neil H 24 July 2009

Dear Minister
I have read the Ministry for the environment brochure "New Zealand's 2020 Emissions Target". I am appalled at its bias, and its ignorance of current knowledge! Towards the bottom it talks about the need to safeguard our clean green image. True, we should. But what is more clean and green than animals belching methane just as they have since God made them, or if you prefer, they climbed out of a muddy puddle?
So why are trying to make them less clean and green by trying to reduce their methane emissions? Secondly, the methane animals produce breaks down in time to carbon dioxide, which is back where it was when plants took it in and made it into carbohydrate, which then fed the animal, which belched methane..... In other words, it is all part of a natural balancing cycle that has gone round and round for thousands of years. Methane is neither increasing nor decreasing, over time. it is NOT contributing to global warming.
It is high time the MFE got up to date with science, and stopped relying on outdated and seriously flawed computer generated propaganda put out by the IPCC. Carbon dioxide does NOT cause serious rises in temperature. Carbon dioxide has been higher in the past, while temperatures have been lower than now. Carbon dioxide is NOT pollution as so many claim, most notably the Australians, who have put the word in their climate change legislation title.
You need to get real. Global warming has been a cover to bring in one world government, but because the climate stopped warming a bit too soon for the plan to be completed, wise people have woken up to the scam. It is way past time for you to wake up too.
The only appropriate and acceptable emissions reduction target for 2020, 2050 or any time, is none. It is time the worlds' smart politicians faced the truth on this, and exposed the fraudulent ones in their ranks.
I am a sheep and beef farmer. I voted National to bring in change at the last election. Your dismal performance on this issue to date makes me wish I had voted ACT.
Yours sincerely


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