To Nick Smith from Bruce B 11 August 2009

Dear Mr. Smith,

I wish to protest at your stated aim to reduce gas emissions from natural and man-made sources to 10% or more below 1990 levels for the following reasons:

1.  To reveal what was supposed to be a negotiating position ahead of the the actual start of negotiations is the action of fools,

2.  Since the actual level of emissions has risen 24% or more since 1990, your aim means a reduction of 34% to 44% which would cripple food production and manufacturing activities.  The hypothesis that man-made or induced gas emissions adversely affect the world's climate is unproven and - as evidence being gathered now indicates - probably incorrect.  Yet your aim will tie us to a regime imposed by such a hypothesis.  In other words, your aim puts the future of this nation at the mercy of overseas interests and those who stretch the truth to meet their own paranoia.

Yours faithfully,
Bruce B