To Nick Smith from Alan R 25 July 2009

Dear Sir,
Climate Change and Global Warming

I am writing to you as I am concerned that the direction you are following in promoting an ETS will cause enormous economic damage to New Zealand as a whole, it will drive many of our citizens to poverty and bankrupt the New Zealand economy. From my letter below, you will see that the evidence for global warming being man made does not exist.

Please therefore:

-- take note of that there is no man made contribution to global warming; there is a complete lack of good scientific evidence for this

-- take note of the reasonable concern of the farmers and many other businesses that will be driven to the wall if an ETS or carbon taxes are imposed

-- Repeal the legislation proposing to institute an Emissions Trading Scheme

-- resist the strident noises from the  green community pushing a mantra of 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020. Although sincere, their demands are based on shonky science.


Your web site opens with the statement  "Scientists have become increasingly concerned since the 1970s that increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from human activities are raising temperatures and destabilising the Earth’s climate systems."

There is an immediate error in this statement, as there are thousands of climate scientists who disagree entirely with this unproven view. I have a list of 796 climate scientists who have signed a declaration vigorously speaking against all the conclusions of the IPCC, and of a further 567 qualified people who are in agreement with the 796 scientists. I have viewed a summary of replies  responding to a scientific questionnaire asking "was the Kyoto Agreement based on good science?" The answer from the  world scientific community was a resounding NO!, with over 32,000 signatures collected.

There is NOT  the "strong evidence that this (increase in CO2 in the atmosphere) has caused an increase in average global temperature" that is claimed on your website; that is an IPCC claim that is unsustainable from a scientific basis. There is abundant good scientific evidence to show that:-

(a) The earth is now cooling, and has been for the last 10 years. Look at the world temperature graph below produced by the Hadley Centre (the official UK met office). Despite the Hadley Centre being an ardent promoter of AGW,  their temperature graph shows world cooling. All world temperature graphs now show that the world has been cooling for 10 years.

(b) There is no scientific evidence to show that the increase in world temperatures up to 1998 was caused or even contributed to by any man made means such as burning fuel. There is NO scientific evidence that any prior warming of the earth was man made, ie. was anthropogenic global warming. The tiny increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over the last few hundred years has an extremely small effect (on whatever) as carbon dioxide is less than 4% of the so called green house gasses. The largest part of the so called greenhouse gasses is water vapour, and the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere is dependent on the solar cycle. The possible effect of the tiny change in CO2 is therefore swamped by changes  in the amount of other so called greenhouse gasses.

(c)  There is good scientific evidence to show that the small increase in CO2 in the atmosphere has been caused by an increase in solar activity. Evidence in scientific papers, with graphs of solar activity and atmospheric CO2, show the CO2 content starting to increase some years after an increase in solar activity, and decreasing also some years after solar activity decreases. This shows that the CO2 in the atmosphere is a response to the solar activity, it is NOT a cause of atmospheric warming. However, there is an IPCC graph that transposes the CO2 and solar activity lines, trying to indicate that CO2/warming comes before the increase in solar activity. This IPCC graph has received huge criticism from climate scientists as it is a blatant distortion of the facts.

Many climate scientists have written papers concluding that the climate has changed and always will, and that there is no evidence whatsoever for a human contribution to climate change. Common sense supports this. You would probably agree with the following examples from common sense.

(d)  The scientific community has told us over many years of ice ages and warm periods in the past, thousands of years before man could have had any effect on the worlds atmosphere. Cave men had no motor cars or coal burning power stations, but they experienced ice ages and warm periods. What we see in climate change now is merely a continuation of the normal earthly changes.

(e)  You will remember the beautiful red sky sunsets and sun rises that we saw in New Zealand for a couple of years starting in 1991. These were caused by particles in the atmosphere from the eruptions of Mt Pinatubo, the volcano in the Philippines. Although causing these beautiful sunsets, the particles also reflected some of the suns heat away from the earth, causing global cooling, and it was predicted by scientists that if this persisted for some years, it would cause global cooling of 2 degrees, which would cause another ice age. Fortunately the volcano stopped erupting and no ice age appears to be in the making from that cause.

There are many other sound reasons supporting the "non AGW" causes of climate change. All of the "people and economy" damaging changes proposed to counter the non-existent problem of AGW (such as ETS or carbon trading) should therefore be ABANDONED NOW.

Yours sincerely