Climate Change

From my ongoing study of the subject I can see no demonstrable connection between carbon dioxide levels and climate.  The historical record shows no demonstrable correlation.
Human contribution to carbon dioxide levels is miniscule compared to other contributors, but it makes no significant difference, because of the point made above.
Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but a valuable agent of production.
History demonstrates that a higher average climate increases human comfort, productivity and development.  Climate change is not to be feared.  In any case, it appears that there has been no significant increase since 1998, even though carbon dioxide levels have continued to increase over the last decade.  
I deplore the scare-mongering of people who claim that the oceans are rising or will rise, with no regard to other factors like plate tectonics or erosion.   
I deplore the way that this debate has proclaimed that there is a consensus. This is manifestly untrue when thousands of scientists in areas related to climate science debunk the United nations IPCC conclusions.  See
I deplore the accusation that people who are not convinced by the IPCC political agenda are care-less about the environment.  We are just as concerned as anyone else about deforestation, improper waste disposal, and other processes that damage the environment.
I also deplore the pitiful assumption that humans control the destiny of our planet. It suits the culture of the times but is extreme and ignorant humanism.
Rev Barry Tetley
St James Uniting Church