Where is the middle ground?


I wonder at times over the reported Global warming/climate change scenario. Where, one should ask is the middle ground?
Let’s for example assume that the projections of manmade global climate warming are correct despite indications otherwise that the whole thing is a political scam even grander than say the Kaipara district council plan which will keep generations of planners and bureaucrats’ in gravy for a very long time.
What does a global increase of C02 gas and warmth mean?  The good news is that plant growth will increase dramatically. The more C02, the more plant growth. This means more food for the starving people.
This is a good thing.
What does a temperature increase worldwide mean to the planet. Well let’s assume it is significant enough to get the world back to the temperatures of the “Benign” period of the middle ages (we are a long way from there yet).
This means that Greenland will become green once more. The Siberian Steppes and outer Mongolia will become prime real estate not to mention parts of China and India. Some places will become inundated with water however it’s not happening over night and as the amount of arable land increase will greatly offset those losses there will be more land available for the no longer starving wet people.
This is a good thing.
So why not embrace climate change  as a positive happening, With the establishment of a new global administration for displaced persons and managed introduction of endangered and other species to the new lands as they become available. Imagine the huge infrastructural requirements!  Severe weather is predicted as part of the deal sure, but that will only improve the response of our civil defence and give our services/unemployed meaningful work and improve housing standards and general building codes
This is a good thing.
Let’s all rejoice that we might have managed to change things for the better.
Hugh Rose
Farmers of New Zealand Inc