Global Warming Controversy a Letter to the media


Before retiring to a farming life I was involved in the industrial uses of ozone and other atmospheric gases. So thank goodness for the recent release of hacked emails that exposed the international fraud developing around climate change  and saving the planet. It is a real shame that so many well intended people were being duped. Perhaps we can now all get back to reality.
Of course if you are worried about melting Ice Caps causing widespread flooding just pour yourself your favourite tipple and add Ice. Notice the Ice Floats, let’s call this the Ice Cap. Mark the level of the drink in the glass. Wait until the Ice has melted and check the level. I know for some the result will be hard to bear so pour another drink afterwards.J
The planet can easily handle double the current atmospheric C02 levels. Scientists, Farmers and Horticulturists know that an increase in the CO2 levels means an increase in plant growth which of course is sequestering the carbon and creating pure breathable oxygen in turn consumed by humans and animals ultimately thus returning to the soil as fertilizer.
The good news is that if global warming occurs the Northern hemisphere can reclaim land that has for a longtime been uninhabitable and if the Ice melt from that land does cause the sea levels to rise then the displaced should be able to find new homes with little difficulty owing to the increased land mass.
Man made atmospheric pollution is insignificant compared to the volcanic eruptions occurring on a regular basis around the globe however at a any level where there are large masses of humans or any other species atmospheric and terrestrial pollution does occur. What is the solution?  Ask any farmer.
Hugh Rose
Chair Kaipara Branch
Farmers of New Zealand Inc