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Is Climate Change A Lot of Hot Air?

I am sceptical about the Kyoto Protocol and its accompanying fears of climate change.
   Why am I so  sceptical of the climate change fundamentalism?
    It goes back to the 1960s when I  came across a book on an early European explorer-missionary William Colenso.

He crossed the Ruahine Ranges from Hawkes Bay to preach in the Taihape area. Extracts from his diary showed there were dead trees, stream beds choked with shingle and tree trunks and large land slips.  But somehow Colenso's graphic descriptions gathered dust.


Global Climate Change.
King Canute found that trying to stop the ocean tides was a doomed and fruitless exercise. The climate change alarmists are heading for a similar outcome.
The difference however, is that you and me could, in the meantime, be forced via taxes and carbon trading scams to spend billions of dollars to no effect.

CO2 The Building Block of Nature

Woe is me!
A key building block of our environment, an absolutely essential part of all life, has been dealt a low blow, just to try and fit an unsubstantiated computer theory.
The following puts the whole unfortunate farce into perspective.
Imagine 1 kilometre of atmosphere that we want to rid of human “carbon pollution.”
We’ll have a walk along it.


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