To Nick Smith from Peter F 2009

 Dear Dr Smith

I am appalled at the decision to proceed with an ETS. The scientific evidence is now in and very clear. CO2 is not a driver of climate change.
The definitive evidence that shows that CO2 is not responsible for climate change was published on 26 August in a paper by Professor R Lindzen (Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 36, No. 16. (26 August 2009), L16705.)
Lindzen analysed 15 years of data from the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment. In this experiment the satellite measurements of infrared radiation from the earth were compared to ocean temperatures. The data shows clearly that as ocean temperatures increase, radiation increases. All the IPCC models show infrared radiation decreasing as oceans warm. The actual radiation was 6 times that predicted by the IPCC models and shows that the assumptions used in the models are wrong. The maximum heating caused by doubling CO2 is a mere 0.55 degrees C.
The implications of this research are that the Earths climate is stable ie increased temperatures leads to increased radiation which cools to the extent of preventing excess heating.
If you need more convincing then check out these two well established geological facts and answer the question that follows:
1              CO2 levels have been over 1000 ppm for most of the last half billion years and over 3000ppm for half of that time.
2              Temperatures for most of the last half billion years were 5 to 10°C higher than now
Question: Why should the Earth’s temperatures spiral out of control now when it has never done so before, despite much higher CO2 levels and a much warmer climate.
(Note from Ed: Graph of Average Global temps/Atmospheric CO2 over time inserted here) 
Are the hundreds of scientists whose analysis of sediments that produced this graph wrong – or is it the assumptions of the climate modellers and the IPCC’s cherry picking of research papers that is wrong !
Quite frankly Dr Smith I have lost faith in your ability to distinguish evidence from hype. Science is based on evidence not consensus and it only takes one piece of evidence to destroy a theory. The theory used by the climate modellers clearly does not fit the evidence and needs to be discarded.
The climate modellers themselves have started to recognise this and the latest NewScientist has an article which signals the start of the pull back by the modellers – they have at last recognised that the climate is cooling and will continue to cool for the next two decades – a cycle that has been well known for some time – except to those with closed minds.
If you persist with and ETS and/or commit NZ to anything at Copenhagen then you and your party are going to look very very stupid in the near future. Far better to recognise the scientific evidence now and stall everything, than to proceed – cost every taxpayer a truck load of money and then be made to look stupid before the next election.
Yours faithfully

Peter F